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Blazing Mistakes You Should Avoid While Selecting The Montessori School For Your Kid

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Selecting the right Montessori school for your kid is a huge task for every parent; especially for the first timer. You can barely take the tried and tested method to choose the school. You may ask your friends or neighbors for a recommendation but not always you can get any fruitful suggestion.

There are some parents who never think so intensely and get the admission for their child the first Montessori San Dimas, CA they come across. Some others are too confused to select one in which the child will fit best. However, many times people do some mistakes while selecting the first school for their little one.

Check out the common mistakes that every parent must avoid for the Montessori selection:

Mistake #1: Distance: The little one will be going away from the parents for the first time. You need to make sure that the route should not be long enough that will make the child tired. If you stay in San Gabriel Valley, you need to opt for the Montessori San Dimas, CA so that the kid can reach the school quickly. We understand that a good school is worthy enough for a long commute but the exhausting rides may take too much time and energy from your kid’s daily routine of activities and homework. Your neighborhood must have some great Montessori schools where you can admit your child.

Mistake #2: Academics Only: Your kid is a toddler only. It is the best time to boost the growth of his/her mind as well as physical abilities. And academics alone cannot do the wonder. The beauty of the education system of Montessori Chino Hills, CA; is that it focuses on the overall development of the child. They will work on the social and emotional development of the child as well. It is the responsibility of the teacher to identify the passion of the child and encourages flourishing.

Mistake #3: Only One Visit: First impression is always important but doesn’t let that make your final impression. Many parents visit the school for once and decide to select that basis on too little information. You need to try a little harder and should pay a few more visits. You can go to the classes and check how the teachers interact with the kids. In case you find the teacher is unenthusiastic to handle the kids and shows irritation, then her attitude can be a bigger problem in the future. So, you have to spend some time in the Montessori Chino Hills, CA to find out more about it.

Mistake #4: Blind faith in Appearance: You must want to select the school for Montessori Chino Hills, CA that has up to date technologies and state of the art appearance, but you need to keep in mind that the look can be deceiving. Obviously, hygiene should be considered for the child, but it will be better not to depend totally on the technology. At the end of the day, it is the human touch, the care, the guidance that makes the difference in the development of your child.

Why the Montessori Curriculum Is Miraculous

Posted on Monday June 30 2014

The Montessori educational teaching method was created by Dr. Maria Montessori for children of kindergarten age. Through medical practice and consistent observation of preschoolers in action, she developed a philosophy that focuses on furthering children in natural environments. The Italian physician concentrated on improving training techniques, teaching, methodology, educational reform, psychology, and methodology. Children are encouraged to improve their sense for responsibility, individuality, and many other strengths. At our preschool academy, your child will benefit from a tailored and safe learning environment. The Montessori preschool curriculum offers many advantages. Here are 5 reasons why the Montessori curriculum can also benefit your child.

1. Cooperative Play

Children playing, working, and sharing together in our Montessori classrooms learn at a young age to respect each other. They build a sense of community. This quality will be useful throughout their entire life.

2. Reaching Milestones

Children reach several developmental milestones when growing up. We can help our preschoolers reach those targets by broadening their learning experience, and encouraging them to concentrate on a wide range of skills.

3. Targeting Specific Needs

Montessori students receive personalized training. By focusing on your child’s unique needs, we can ensure that your young son or daughter can learn, explore, and develop certain abilities at a comfortable pace.

4. Learning Self-Discipline

The Montessori philosophy permits children to select the activities they like to complete. The students also determine how long they will work on the project. Children have to concentrate and think to make these decisions. The process helps them refine skills like self-control, concentration, and motivation.

5. Developing Creativity

Our students are allowed to choose activities, and complete them on their own terms. They enjoy the work, which is quite helpful in developing a child’s sense for creativity. By focusing on the task and not so much at the end result, our students can broaden their thinking abilities. The skill to analyze a project and act upon it appropriately will benefit them throughout their entire life span.

How to Get More from Your Montessori School

Posted on Monday June 23 2014

Montessori schools are a great choice, especially for young children. The individualized attention and education your child receives will greatly improve his intellectual development and self-esteem. But in order to get the most from your Montessori school, you need to be involved as a parent.

Ask about Her Day

Preschoolers and kindergartners may not reach huge developmental milestones every day, such as learning how to walk, but they can absorb a lot more than you think. In order to encourage your child to learn, we encourage you to start by asking her about her day. She may have learned a new way to play a favorite game, or she may have made a new friend.

Young children look up to their parents and teachers as role models. They love it when you pay attention to them one on one. And who knows? Maybe you'll learn something from her. And if the topic interests you both, then you maybe can read more about it at home.

Encourage His Questions

Young children learn something new every day. Their endless curiosity will bring them into contact with a variety of subject, in and out of the classroom. At Diamond Bar Montessori-Preschool Academy, we encourage participation and exploration of a variety of subjects. But there's no harm in continuing to foster his creativity at home.

We understand that it can be tiring to answer millions of questions every day. But you need to understand that this is how your child learns. If he is really interested in a specific subject, you can get books about it at your local library. Of course, you may also bring it up with his teachers. Maybe the topic will be covered in the classroom in more detail. Either way, listening to your child and encouraging him to ask questions is a great way to bond with young kids.

The Perfect Pre-school: A Montessori

Posted on Monday June 16 2014

All parents want the perfect learning environment for their children. You want to provide a place that allows your child to develop basic skills but that will also enrich them in other areas, which is why a Montessori schoolmay be the best option for your pre-school child.

What Is a Montessori School?

Montessori is actually an approach to learning. It was created by a woman, Maria Montessori, who developed an educational program that allowed children to learn in a more flexible environment. Our school is operates using this system. We promote hands on learning and decision making. Our students are exposed to many different subjects and topics in a way that allows them to explore and discover. We cover the basic subjects, such as language, science, and math, but we cover many others as well. We work with our students at a pre-school age in areas like, art, music, and cultures. Your child may hear a story and then have the chance to act it out with others to enhance their understanding.

Our days are structured by time and subject, but we then also allow for each individual student to interact in areas of their choice. OurMontessori school will help your child to find the areas and activities that really interest them. They will then have the opportunity to participate in those regularly with the rest of their subjects. We want to provide physical learning through movement as well. Your child will also focus on social skills, which will help them to play and interact with other students.

Is a Montessori Pre-school Right for Your Child?

At our Montessori School in Diamond Bar, we are always happy to share our information and provide you with the items you need to make a decision. Our goal is to begin your child on a road to their success.

Things You Do Not Know about Montessori

Posted on Monday June 09 2014

At ourDiamond Bar Montessori school , we provide a friendly, clean, warm, and safe educational learning environment. Additionally, our academy has an open floor plan with great natural lighting, our classrooms are decorated brightly to make the students feel comfortable, and we pack the environment with many age-appropriate learning materials. As a Montessori preschool facility, we firmly believe in giving children a chance to develop at their own pace. Providing a safe, individualized learning facility is not our only goal. The Montessori curriculum has a lot more to offer. Here are some of the things you may not know about.

Dr. Maria Montessori

Maria Montessori (1870-1952) was an Italian physician and educator. She was best known for developing a philosophy and teaching method that revolutionized early childhood education. A pioneer, Dr. Montessori was convinced that children teach themselves. They grow by learning from what they find in their environment.

Montessori Kindergarten Teaching Curriculum

Our preschool students are presented with an opportunity to work in a unique environment. They can select from the materials displayed on shelves in the classroom. Your son or daughter will get a chance to work in a relaxing environment with few interruptions. By making choices, our students learn to think, concentrate, and develop self-discipline. Our prepared classrooms make the following core curriculum possible:

Language art, such as letters, sounds, and basic phonic reading Practical life skills
Social studies
Sensory development
Cultural activities

Montessori Philosophy

TheMontessori philosophy implies that children learn better when they can choose their activities within a well-stocked educative classroom. Our teachers can provide a stimulating work environment after observing and assessing their students. We concentrate on your child's interests and abilities. Our goal is to offer students an opportunity to discover their talents. Mistakes are viewed as a chance to learn.

The Silent Truths about Montessori Education

Posted on Monday June 02 2014

There is nothing more important to give your child (aside from nutrition and safety, of course) than education. That is why we are so passionate about spreading the news aboutMontessori educationalformats. This is a different style of learning than you see in most institutions, and that is a shame because there is so much to be gained through this fascinating format of teaching young children.

Here are just some of the things you may not know about Montessori learning:

It appeals to every sense: Your child will learn and grasp many principles much faster with a solid foundation when those things are taught in ways that engage their eyes, ears, nose, and tactile senses.

It is active: Lecturing to young children is not very effective. This is probably something you have already figured out in your career as a parent. The best way to teach young children is to get them moving and get the mind and body working in tandem.

It is musical: There have been many, manyscientific studies done to show the connection between music and cognitive functioning. We love the Montessori approach because it embraces this truth.

It finds and enhances the strengths in the child: Every child is different. We see kids who are naturals with computers. Others are very athletic and were made to move. Still others seem to have come into the world with a mastery over language that others will never understand. When we use theMontessori approach, we are able to really bring out the best in your child and help him understand and utilize his strengths.

When you are trying to decide where to send your children for the learning they need, be sure to look for facilities that use the Montessori approach. This style of learning is unique and very effective at helping your child learn and love learning.