4 Fun And Creative Activities For Kids

If you have a toddler, then you must be knowing that it is quite tough to keep the small ones occupied for a longer period. Normally, kids, have a very small attention span making it difficult for the Day Care Pomona CA caretakers or parents to breathe in peace. It would definitely be of great help if you can plan certain fun activities for your kids who would keep them productively occupied for some time and in the meantime, you can finish your commitments.

Some Fun Activities for Kids :

Activities for children have to be pickedcautiously as a lot of their intellectual and braindevelopment depends on what they do during their foundational years. It would be better if you can select some activities which can enhance their holistic development. Here you can find some activities to help your children develop their creativity and motor skills.

Cut and glue : Using scissors is an activity that most of the kids take time to learn and is an important motor skill also. This is one of the activities designed especially for the preschoolers to help them build their creativity and also create memorable pieces of art.

Materials :
  • Scissors
  • Colored papers with some predetermined shapes
  • Glue
  • Drawing paper
How to do :
  • Encourage your kids to cut through the predetermined shapes on the colored paper.
  • Start with simple shapes and make them complex once the little one gets a hang of them.
  • He can stick the shapes on the drawing paper to create his unique artwork.

Sticker Fun : In Pomona, CA, playschool teachers do a lot of sticker activity with toddlers as sticker activities can help develop their motor skills and concentration power.

Materials :
  • Stickers
  • Drawing paper/book
How to do :
  • Give a pile of stickers to your child and inspire him to peel them off and stick them the way they like in a book or on a drawing paper.
  • This activity would enhance their imagination and the subsequent artwork is sure to be one to keep for ages.

The back and Forth Drawing game : This game is quite creative and may require parents’ participation. In this game participants have to draw a common image alternatively, so kids have to think on their feet and make stuff up as the game progresses.

Materials :
  • Color pencils/crayons
  • Drawing paper
How to do :
  • Start by drawing an unassuming picture on the paper and pass it on to your child.
  • He has to add something of his own to the image.
  • You have to build on the image of the previous participant.

Marble Painting : In Preschools, kids do a lot of marble painting as the activity is quite fun and keeps busy for quite some time.

Materials :
  • Watercolor and brush
  • Drawing paper
  • Some marbles
How to do :
  • Using the brush and watercolor kids can paint the marbles or draw different shapes or patterns on the marbles.
  • They can even do thumb painting on the marbles.
  • Once kids are done, you can use the marbles to decorate your living area.