6 Activities To Prepare Your Little One For Preschool

Are you preparing to send your little one to your chosen Preschool San Dimas, CA in the upcoming year? Then here are some activities you can do to help him get ready for school.

1. Identifying colors and coloring within lines

By the time your child is ready to go to preschool, he should be able to identify basic colors like blue, green, red, white, etc. You can start that as early as 15 months when he starts to talk and identify things. Use common household things and his toys to teach him. When he has mastered the colors, give him a box of kid-friendly coloring boxes and a book with big pictures he can fill in. Practice coloring within borders. Such activities are not only good for increasing his knowledge but also his motor skills.

2. Using a scissor

When your child goes to Preschool San Dimas, CA there will be a lot of classroom activity which will involve using a kid scissor. So, make sure you teach him how to hold and use one at home first. Knowing how to correctly orient the scissor is the first step of using it for cutting. You may have to practice that a bit before he can muster it. Apart from learning a good skill, it again is a good hand-eye coordination exercise.

3. Playing with others

If your child is a single child, he has to learn how to be with other kids for a long period of time. He needs to know how to share and work with others. You can schedule a play date with other children about his age or even a little older (because preschools tend to have various age-group children) at least once a week.

4. Reading with him

Reading with your child should be one of your parent-child bonding time for the whole day. Studies have shown that if you start reading to your child as early as possible, greater is his vocabulary skills. Go for books that encourage the participation of your child while reading the book. This activity will immensely help him get ready for his Child Care San Dimas, CA.

5. Teach him to do things by himself

When your child goes to a Montessori, there are some tasks he has to do by himself. So, encourage him to be independent in-home before that. There are some basic self-help tasks he should know before his first day in preschool like letting an adult know he wants to use the toilet, looking after his stuffs and eating by himself. At home, let him decide what he wants to snack on by giving him two choices and drink from a cup without a lid. Also, teach him to look after his own things by making it his responsibility to pick up his toys after playing with them. He should also learn to put on a jacket, hat, and mittens by himself too.

6. Stay apart from you

One of the hardest things you must do is leaving him in his Child Care San Dimas, CA on his first day; he needs to be emotionally prepared for it. Separate him from yourself for few hours by dropping him with his grandparents a few times before classes actually start. Talk to him about how you won’t be with him for the morning once the school starts. That will make the first day much easier for both of you.