Benefits Of Ice Skating For Kids

Ice skating is an adventurous sport and kids love the feeling of the cold air brushing past their faces. It is a great fitness routine for children and most of the kids enjoy ice-skating. But if you are wondering about the right age of starting ice-skating, then you should know that it’s never too late. Some kids start as early as they turn 3 years old, but most kids learn the skill between the age of 5 and 10. Many older kids from Montessori Chino Hills, CA can grasp the complex motions of figure skating and have the hand-eye coordination to skate well.

Benefits of Ice-Skating for your kids :

Ice-Skating for children is not just about fun and adventure, this sport requires focus, dedication, and discipline. Continue reading if you want to know about the benefits of Ice-Skating for children.

Develops concentration :

Ice-Skating is a sport that develops concentration power in children. When they are up and about on the ice-skating rink, they have to be focussed as there is no room for error. If kids are not focussed enough, they may fall and injure themselves. So, as they develop the skill, they get focussed and it is a kind of meditation the way it boosts mental clarity.

Boosts leg strength :

It is a sport where kids must push their foot down on the ice and press their weight from one leg to the next. It is a good leg workout and improves upon their strength. It not only boosts leg strength but also tones down their muscle.

Learns how to fail :

According to the caregivers of Child Care Chino Hills, CA, children should learn that there is winning and losing in every game, and they should feel optimistic and learn from their mistakes. Ice-Skating is an activity where your child will fall many times before getting hang of balancing and moving on their feet through the rink. This game helps them to understand the meaning of perseverance.

Improves mental health :

Ice-skating like a pro is all about learning the skill of balancing and moving on ice. As they learn the game and start skating, they become more confident about trying anything new. As they skate on the ice, they feel free and enjoy being independent on the rink.

Encourages to become athletic :

In Montessori Chino Hills, CA, teachers encourage kids to go for ice-skating as it teaches them to be athletic. Once they master the basic tricks and drills of the ice-skating, they will get more creative in spinning, dancing, and spiraling around the rink. They can participate and perform in various competitions and events as they grow older and more confident.

Works on Hand-Eye coordination :

Different ice-skating movements challenge kids to coordinate different motions and movements. This helps them to strengthen their hand-eye coordination which is definitely an important skill to learn.

Improves their Self-Esteem :

Once kids master the skill to skate freely and confidently, it boosts their self-esteem. They can even ice skate with their friends and family members and demonstrate their newly acquired learning.