Check Out The Games That Help Pre-Schoolers To Learn Better

Hello teachers and parents, are you worried about how to teach your little ones different things and how will they learn better? Relax, here check out some games and activities that will make your job much easier and children will enjoy their learning to the fullest.

Musical Chair:
In Montessori Chino Hills, CA, children can play this popular and fun game learn to follow rules, to deal with disappointments, to resolve conflict peacefully and practice patience. To play this game, chairs need to be arranged in a circle and children will walk around the chairs with the music. As the music stops, they need to sit in the nearest chair. But they can’t go back to sit on any chair. The presence of an adult is important to ensure children are following rules and playing calmly.

Hide and seek:
This game is very popular among children. Through this game, they can practice developing their thinking skill as each time they have to think of a unique place to hide so that he/she cannot be found easily. This is a group game where children also learn to play in a group without hurting anyone.

Sleeping Lions:
In Child Care Chino Hills, CA, children can play this game to learn how to stay focused amid distractions. In this game, everybody lies down on the floor and pretends to sleep. Then one student walks amongst them and tries to convince them into reacting and opening their eyes. The last kid who sleeps till the end of the game is the winner.

Making a Christmas tree:
During Christmas time, students make their Christmas trees with the help of teachers or parents. Through this activity, students learn to be creative and decorate their trees beautifully. They need to work in collaboration with other students, teachers or parents.

Connect the dot:
In Montessori Chino Hills, CA, children play this game to practice their counting skills. Children love to play this game. They count and join the dots to create an animal or an object or a shape. After finishing joining the dots, they color the picture.

Dress for the weather:
This is a very famous activity in preschools across the world. Through this activity, children practice self-management skills and understand how to organize themselves according to the weather. Generally, kids have fun doing this activity while learning which items are appropriate to wear in different types of weather.

Alphabets-Rhyming words:
Child Care Chino Hills, CA, teachers play this super fun game with children to practice phonemic awareness. Here, students need to hear one word and then must match the word with the rhyming sound.

Monster mansion number match:
This is a super fun matching game through which children can practice numbers and counting. In this game, players can compare numbers to objects or objects to objects. They can also choose to show the cards or play by memory. Numbers can be read aloud to reinforce understanding.