Creating a perfect calm down corner at your home for your kids

Creating a perfect calm down corner not only reduces the tantrums that are in making, but it is also a calm spot made for your toddlers that will help them to learn different valuable skills for regulating their emotions. We are very well aware that the little ones can have too many emotions. One of the biggest reasons that the kids have meltdowns is that they don’t properly understand what to do and how to deal with big feelings. At Montessori San Dimas, CA, the caregivers have made small corners for the toddlers so that they can go there and reduce their emotions.

The method of calm down corner plays a very big role in the life of the toddlers. It is generally a method to process the emotions of the kids that prove to be much more effective than the timeouts you might have sat in being a kid. Even if we come out after a long time of social distancing, creating a soothing spot at the corner of your room is very advantageous for the kids to release their emotions.

When to use your calm down corner?

A calm down corner is an inviting and soothing space that is always left open for your kids so that they can enter there whenever they feel dysregulated. The parents need to let their children know the signs that their body is giving them to let them know that they are going out of control. The caregivers at Preschool San Dimas CA teach the toddlers how to reduce their emotions by living alone in their own space at the calm down corner space made for them. Things like shouting, tight fists, and clenched jaws are signs that prove that your kids are showing emotions.

One of the biggest advantages of using a calm down corner is that it teaches the toddlers of improved self-confidence. This will help your little ones to quickly recognize when they need to spend proper time in the calm down corner. Embrace it when it happens and know that your toddler is learning the process of regulating their emotions.

What to include in a calm down corner?

At Montessori San Dimas CA, the caregivers have made a comfortable calm down corner for the toddlers. It includes much calm down activities to engage your kids. It might be sensory, but that is not required. Let’s see some items that must be included in a calm down corner for the toddlers:

  • Bubble wrap
  • Glitter jar
  • Stress ball
  • Fidget spinners
  • Visual image or pinwheel for breathing.
  • Journal
  • Art materials
  • Slinky
  • Blanket and pillows
  • Bean bag chair

Once the calm down corner is properly made and works, its a magic then. It’s very important to check with your children, what led them to the cozy corner. You must know their problems and try to reduce them by showing love to them. This in turn helps the little ones to understand what had happened to and sort them through the emotions. Most importantly, this will let your toddler learn how to handle similar situations in the future.