Eight Easy Tips to Increase Concentration power of Your Child

Naturally, children cannot focus on anything for a long time like elders. But when the problem aggravates, it can be regarded as a problem. Some common signs of concentration problem are that children who have that do not sit in one place and gets distracted easily. He or she remains inattentive all the time and appears to be constantly daydreaming.

This type of child faces difficulty learning new things. They forget easily and cannot focus on study. They even lose their things easily. Actually, they remain unorganized all the time. You need to solve this problem as early as possible as the problem hinders the path of learning. Child Care experts say that a few initiatives of parents, as well as teachers, may eradicate this problem. Here are a few tips that may help you make your children more attentive.

  1. Motivate your child to do their work perfectly. Set yourself as an example.
  2. Do not give them a big project because to perform the big project they need deep concentration, which they lack. So divide the big work into small pieces. Carrying our small project may be an easier task for them.
  3. Praise them and reward them when they complete their work completely. It may encourage them to perform their work with love, care, and concentration just like some of the preschools of San Dimas, CA do.
  4. Fixed at least two hours in the evening to finish their study and homework. Repeating the same activity at the same hour eventually turns into a habit. If a child sits for study days at the same hour, his instinct will help him to do that job without lacking the concentration.
  5. Restrict the Television watching time rather encourage them to read the book and listen to music. Television watching does not require too much concentration. But, when a child reads a book he has to concentrate to visualize it. It means he has to use his thinking ability. At the initial stage, some children do not feel interested to read books. Montessori experts say to parents to read books for them or tell them a story at bedtime. It helps a lot to increase the concentration power of the children.
  6. Most of the childcare experts stress on physical activity of child to enhance concentration power because physical activities like different outdoor games, walking, swimming, etc. help to vent out extra energy of the child and he does not feel restless while preparing his study.
  7. Be sure that your child gets adequate sleep daily. It is one of the most important things to keep your child both mentally and physically healthy. Proper sleep also soothes nerve and help to concentrate.
  8. Be sure that your child has a healthy eating habit. Serve them daily with fresh homemade foods, lots of vegetables, and fruits. Modern daycare experts discourage providing fast foods as they contain a good amount of salt which may hamper brain development.

Despite taking all this care, if your child lacks concentration, feel free to consult a child counselor.