Fun Activities To Celebrate Valentine’s Day With Children

You love celebrating Valentine’s Day for the spirit of romance this day comes with, but if you have children you may want to include them in the celebration. Although children are not into romantic relationships, they share love relationships with their parents, grandparents, siblings, or friends. So if you wish to celebrate this Valentine’s Day with your kids around, think beyond romance and plan certain activities that would go well with the vides of the day. To help you out, art and craft teachers of Montessori Chino, CA have shared here some Valentine’s Day activities which you can do with your kids and spread some love in the air.

Awesome valentine’s Day activities for kids :

People may celebrate the day as a day of romance but you can get those tiny hearts pumping with these fun activities or games.

Heart Ring Toss :

The game is like the regular ring toss, but now you can use a valentine color scheme and make heart-shaped rings.

How to play :
  • First, take six bottles and pipe cleaners.
  • Paint the bottles using valentine’s color scheme like pink, red and white.
  • Use the pipe cleaners and make heart-shaped rings.
  • Put the bottles in lines. Keep three bottles in the last row, two in the second, and one in the first.
  • Now allow kids to take turns to toss the heart rings and snag a bottle.
Match the Candy :

This is the simplest game ever made on Valentine’s day and kids in Day Care Chino CA love playing this game.

How to play :
  • Get a bag full of chocolates.
  • Place different stickers on the bottom of every chocolate.
  • Put all the chocolates neatly in a grid and play a memory game with them.
  • If someone makes a match, the candy goes to him.
Breaking Cups :

Relax! They are not going to break any of your favorite crockery set.

How to play :
  • Visit your nearby supermarket and buy lots of little treats for your kids.
  • Get paper cups and red or pink napkins.
  • Stick the paper cups to a poster board and then place some little treats in each cup.
  • Now, cove the cups with the napkins.
  • Let your kids take turns and throw something like a rubber ball to try and break or drop the cup.
  • Whenever a kid can break or drop a cup, the contents go to him.
Hunt the Hearts :

In Montessori Chino, CA, teachers play this simple Valentine-themed game with toddlers to keep them engaged and entertained.

How to play :
  • Get lots of colorful papers.
  • Cut them into heart shapes. Try to use one paper for one heart, so they are big hearts.
  • Hide this around the house or their classroom.
  • The kids should go around and look for the hearts. As they find the hearts, they will collect it.
  • If your kids are bigger, you can make it a little challenging by assigning numbers to each color.
  • Then, ask them to add up all the numbers. Whoever has the greatest number, wins the game.

Play any or all the games from the list and make Valentine’s Day equally lovely and fun-filled for your children.