Fun Babysitting Activitiesor Games to Play with Kids

Many young people do babysitting as it is a good way to make some pocket money while growing up. Though most of the parents prefer sending their toddler to the Day Care Chino Hills CA still Your neighbors or acquaintances might need someone to look after the toddler at home. You can grab these opportunities to make a quick buck. But babysitting can be a challenging job as you have to keep up with the toddler’s energy level. To make active, you should have a long list of fun and interesting games that you can play on the spot and these games will help you in multiple situations. So, you can refer to the below-mentioned activities which will help you to have a great time with the children.

Visiting the Zoo

Vising a zoo, or even a petting zoo, always goes quite well with kids. This can be a great outdoor activity to teach them empathy and respecting the needs and feelings of animals. This outdoor activity will allow the child to be busy for a long time or even for the whole day. Though visiting a zoo does not require much planning, you have to be extra careful about the child as you are taking him out for a long time.

Clean the House

Undoubtedly cleaning and organizing things are the two inevitable tasks of any household especially if there is a toddler. If the kids are a little bigger, you can assign different parts of the house to them to clean up and organize. This could be a shelf or a cupboard or their toy area. They have to arrange the place neatly; so that it looks good. You can, in fact, judge their clean-ups and give them some start points. Kids will love this activity as they love taking responsibilities.

Backyard Olympics

In Montessori Chino Hills, CA, kids love playing this game. If you want to execute this game in the child’s house, just bring anything that is lying around the house and set them up in the backyard. You have to arrange those in such a way so that it resembles an obstacle course. This could be hula hoops, cushions, trash cans, etc. Time the kids as they run around the obstacles and reach the finishing line.

Thumbprint Painting

This is a great creative development game that needs some sheets of paper and paints. Allow children to explore the color and enjoy themselves with some non-toxic paints. In this activity, they will dip their thumbs in the color and make different thumbprint faces. You can encourage kids to modify this art to make other kinds of art using cut vegetables, dried leaves, etc. Most kids love painting and this will let them be occupied for a longer time.


During storytime, you can read aloud a storybook to them or ask them to tell a story. In Day Care Chino Hills CA, caregivers get one child to say one line about something imaginative and the next child has to add to it. This way, kids can end up with a great story that they have come up with.