Fun Fitness Activities For Kids To Promote A Healthy Living

Almost all the parents want their kids to practice certain healthy habits like eating their veggies, floss their teeth, and go to bed on time. To help kids develop those habits, parents should guide their children and make sure they can live it to the fullest. In Preschool Chino Hills, CA teachers plan different physical activities for kids as they believe physical activities are not only integral to their healthy development but also critical for their mental health. They have suggested some fun fitness activities for kids to promote healthy living.

  • Go on a bear hunt : Have you ever sang the classic bonfire song “I’m Going on a Bear Hunt” at any summer camp? Though this song can be sung sitting on a tree stump at a camp, there are opportunities to make the whole sone more active. Encourage your kids to act out the different motions – swimming across the lake, climbing up the tree, and stomping over the bridge. This activity will become more entertaining when you will scampering away from the bear at the end.
  • Have a dance party : Kids love to dance and music. So having a dance family party is also a very useful activity to promote health and fitness. Just pop in some catchy music, tune up the volume, and start dancing. To add some extra fun quotient, switch off the main lights, and turn on some fun lighting like a disco ball or some lava lamps. In Day Care Chino Hills CA teachers arrange dance parties to have some fun and kids compete for the best dance moves.
  • Scavenger Hunt : Scavenger Hunt is one of the most popular games amongst kids. You can hide things all over the backyard or throughout the house and have kids race to find and solve each clue. You can sneak more exercise into this activity by including certain requirements with each clue. For example, ‘do four cartwheels before moving on’ or ‘ hop ten steps to get the next clue’.
  • Animal walks : It is always good to be imaginative and creative in planning any activity for kids. So use your imagination and come up with different types of animal walks. Preschool Chino Hills, CA teachers encourage the little ones to imitate bears walking or running fast like a cheetah or hopping like a rabbit. They can even waddle like penguins or pretend to swim through the oceans like dolphins.
  • Have Pillow Fight : Most of the kids love to have a pillow fight. This is an age-old fun activity and one of the most popular among kids as well as adults. It is good to use pillows instead of using the feather-filled versions. Kids can have pillow fights with their siblings or friends. In fact, parents also can join them and enjoy some time with your kids.

Besides ensuring a healthy physical and mental development, these fun-filled activities will also help you to strengthen your relationship with your kids.