Getting Your Child Ready For School In Winter : 9 Tips

Are you a first-time mom sending your pre-schooler to his Preschool San Dimas, CA for winter for the first time? Then this article here is just the one you need to read before winter starts fully because getting your little one ready for school on time in winter will take a new level of planning.

  1. Wake up a little early. Set the alarm 15 earlier for what it used to be before. That is because in winter you must get your child ready in multiple clothing and you will be thankful for waking up 15 in earlier. Plus, children tend to be extra sleepy and hard to wake up in a winter morning because, admit it, who wants to come out of a cozy warm blanket!
  2. Keep the breakfast simple yet delicious before they go for their Childcare San Dimas CA. Make sure it is a hot breakfast so that it warms the child from inside.
  3. To be on time, keep the innerwear ready the previous night. Talk with your child and let them select what they want to wear and keep them in a place. That way there is no time wasted in the morning searching for what to wear.
  4. Similarly, all the outerwear like the jackets, mittens, hats and boots should be kept in place the night before. Keep them near the door so that even if you are in a rush, you can grab and go.
  5. Don’t dress your child in ruffles or lacey dresses in winter. There is no doubt your child looks super cute and beautiful in such dresses, but they are a hazard when it comes to zipping up the outerwear. Most often the laces and ruffles get caught in the zipper while zipping up or down and ruins not just the dress but can also lead to an accident.
  6. The pants especially the inner ones should not to be too tight or lacey as it can be hard to pull down when they need to go to the bathroom. Even if they are potty trained, they will need help from the teacher in winter while going to bathroom.
  7. For children who are still getting potty trained, the outwear should be very easy to remove. The best options are those with Velcro strip or those that can be pulled up or down easily. Even a minute counts when your child needs to go to a bathroom in his childcare San Dimas CA and these extra seconds makes all the difference between accidents and successful bathroom break.
  8. Don’t put bows or hairpins or hairbands on your child’s hair during winter dress up. The reason is that, they will be wearing and taking off their hats and such items will easily slide of the hair.
  9. Along with outerwear and innerwear, be sure you have winter specific footwear ready before he dashes off to his preschool San Dimas CA. Socks and tennis shoes are good footwear for whole wear through but if it gets cold, invest in a good boot. And absolutely no sandals or flip flops to school in winter.