Halloween Craft Ideas For Your Preschooler

Are you a teacher of a Montessori/preschool? With Halloween just a week away, you must be pressed for ideas regarding craft and DIY for your Montessori San Dimas, CA kids. So, to help you out, here are some great craft ideas that are easy, fun and perfect for the season. Even if you are a teacher, these ideas will help if you are a parent of any preschool San Dimas CA and organizing the class party.

Mummy yarn doll
This craft idea for a kindergartener is not only fun but will also help in their motor skill development. All you need is some mummy template (which you can easily google and find), cardboard, white yarn, black color, paint brush, glue, scissors and off course googly eyes. Print the template and place on the carboard and cut into shape. Cut one for each child in your class plus some more in case of mishap. The children then can paint them black first and dry. Cut off large string of yarn from a roll and give to each child to wrap around the carboard mummy. Use glue to stick the ends securely. Then place the googly eyes on the board to finish the mummy yarn doll.

Paper plate spiders
Just place some paper plates, string to hand them with, paint, googly eyes and straws or pipe cleaners and let your Montessori San Dimas, CA kids spill their creativity. Stick two paper plates together and punch a hole on top to hang them. Then let the children color them in any way they like. The straws or pipe cleaner can become the legs. This DIY can also be a good party game.

Egg carton ghost
Cut each egg holder cup from a egg carton. Let the children color them in any color they like and dry completely. With a sharpie, draw the eyes and faces on them when they dry. Now use a piece of ribbon to tie it from the side. You can also use it as cup for small treat holder.

Paper bag montsters
You will lunch paper bags for this one along with regular craft supplies like glue, color, scissor, etc. You will also need colored cardstock papers. First let your children color the paper bags in any color they want. Open them up and let them dry complete. Next use the colored cardstock papers to cut out shapes and design them in any way they like. It will soon be a fun and festive atmosphere all around your Preschool San Dimas, CA classroom.

Paper Jack o Lantern
What is Halloween without a Jack O lantern. You can make one with A4 size papers, glue, scissor and black cardstock paper. Start by folding the A4 paper into neat pleats. Fold from the middle and tie it with a small string. Glue the two inner folds to form a half circle. Make another such half circle and glue the two halves together. Your paper is ready and now let your children color it orange. Cut shapes from the black cardstock and stick them on the paper and your Jack O lantern is ready.