How can You Encourage Your Kids to Drink More Water

Whether your child is an athlete or not, they must drink enough water. Every system in our body needs proper hydration. Preschool children’s water consumption requirements will differ depending on their height and weight, biological sex, activity level, and even the weather.

While we all need water to thrive, getting kids to drink their recommended daily quantity of water may be tough, especially if they've found options like chocolate milk and juice. Because our bodies lose water through breathing, sweating, and digesting – all of which children do regularly – children must drink enough water to be healthy and energized.

If getting your kids to drink enough water is a struggle, try these five simple strategies to encourage better hydration.

  1. Make it easily accessible

    If water is the only drink available, your youngster is more likely to ask for it. Make sure they have a glass of water nearby at mealtimes, or a bottle if they're on the go. Because you can't always be around when your child is thirsty, try putting a water cooler in your house — the nozzle is approximately the height of a 4-year-old, making it easier for tiny ones to access and self-serve.

  2. Include fruits and vegetables.

    According to the Preschool Pomona, CA teachers if drinking extra water doesn't work, consider adding additional fruits and vegetables to your child's diet. Because these tasty and healthful foods are primarily water, it's a fantastic way to sneak in additional hydration during meals. Strawberries, tiny carrots, and watermelon are some kid-friendly fruits and vegetables to try!

  3. Purchase a Sippy Cup and Fun Straws for them.

    Little children like exercising their freedom. Take advantage of this by allowing them to choose their sippy cup at the shop. You can even acquire some colorful, twisting straws for them to drink from as an additional incentive. Once they've developed that sense of ownership, make it plain that the cup and straws are only to be used for water - they'll be clamoring for more in no time!

  4. Add a Flavor

    Water's neutral flavor frequently turns off children. This is easily solved by infusing delectable fruits or vegetables, such as lemon/citrus slices and berries, into the drink to give it a more savory boost. If you're feeling very daring, try using fresh mint.

  5. Lead by Example

    Because children generally resemble their parents, drink plenty of water when you're around them as a subtle approach to encourage them to mimic you. You'll appreciate your child's increased water consumption while reaping the health advantages of water yourself — a win-win situation!

What amount of water does Daycare going kids should consume?

The quantity of water a kid or adolescent requires each day is determined by characteristics such as age, weight, and gender. To receive enough water, your kid or teen should drink 6 to 8 (eight-ounce) cups of water each day.

Because fruits and vegetables contain more water than other solid meals, your kid or teen should consume the recommended number of servings of fruits and vegetables every day.