How Can You Help Hyperactive Kids To Learn

Is your child hyperactive and gets distracted very easily? Most of the parents and teachers would say yes. Sometimes their hyperactivity and constant fidgeting may cause some problems at home and Child Care centers. Teachers and parents may find it difficult to manage hyperactive kids. Every child is unique, so, there is no set pattern about how to manage the hyperactive child in school or at home. Here you can check for some strategies that will engage hyperactive students on their level and make the teaching-learning process more fun.

Help them to calm down :

Before they start any activity, teachers can ask their students to relax first. They can do some basic breathing exercises, some yoga postures, or backward number counting with the students to make them feel relaxed. These activities help them to control their emotions. In Montessori San Dimas, CA playschools, special instructors are always trying to teach students various relaxation activities. They combine relaxation techniques with positive visual imagery like kids can imagine a calming scene (eg. Garden, sea beach, quiet forest) while they are relaxing.

Channelize their energy :

If your child is hyperactive, you should find some ways to vent their energy and calm their little minds. They can be engaged in some after-school physical activity classes like martial arts, karate, football, basketball, or badminton where children can use up their energy and soothe the mind. Preschool teachers and parents can plan some play-based activities for the kids which can be played in a house with friends or with any adults. This type of activity will help boost their concentration and memory power. Through these, in-house play, based activities parents can also spend some quality time with their kids.

Giving simple instructions :

A hyperactive child may have some difficulty in listening, taking instructions, or following directions. So, they may not be able to understand and put complex instructions into practice. According to the Montessori teachers, you can break down any complex instruction into smaller chunks that the child can understand easily. Train your child to look at you when you are trying to explain things to him. This will help him concentrate on what you are saying. To motivate your child, appreciate him if he can comprehend and execute the instruction properly.

Learning through hands-on activity :

Hyperactive kids learn best when they involve in the process of learning. For them doing is always a better learning option than listening. It will be a big challenge for them to sit through a lecture session and learn something from that. Use some learning resources like base 10 blocks to teach number counting, measuring tapes to teach measurement, they even can show their seeds to understand the germination process.

Some other ways like establishing a routine at home, having a bubble time with your kid, encouraging your child to create a simple to-do list, helping your child to make some friends can also be helpful to manage hyperactive children.