How Children Benefited From Gardening

There is a common concept that gardening is a good activity and best suited to elderly people. But, it is not true. Gardening benefits everyone, irrespective of age. Nowadays Montessori experts are suggesting that there are many benefits of introducing gardening to kids even from a daycare level. Through the habit of gardening children acquire various skills, enjoy and develop self-confidence and the most important thing is that they grow in a nature-friendly atmosphere.

Daycare experts say that children love dirt, and gardening is a perfect excuse to get dirty. In some kindergarten at Chino, CA, they provide the facility of gardening to their children because preschool caregivers think that gardening is one of the major parts of practical life activities children learn to master in the Montessori environment. Moreover, gardening has various health benefits including loving nature intimately.

Daycare Chino CA caregivers suggest that gardening is one such beautiful activity in preschool which helps to make a beautiful bond between student and teachers. It is a healthy fun-activity through which children develop new skills and learn about science and nature when they grow flowers, fruits and vegetables.

At a workshop organized by a preschool at Chino, CA, parents are encouraged in gardening at their house along with their children keeping in mind the amount of space they have in their hands. A variety of activities are involved with this gardening such as planting, mulching, weeding, etc. which help children to spend their extra time fruitfully. Besides, it helps to make the parent-children bond more strong.

Mothers often complain that their children do not want to eat vegetables. A clever method to motivate them to eat more vegetables is engaging them to grow their vegetables in the kitchen garden. Vegetables germinate and grow quickly and can be eaten immediately after harvesting. Vegetables like tomatoes, peas, and chickpeas grow very fast. Naturally, the kid will find it interesting to eat the vegetables which they have grown in their hand. But, before engaging your children in gardening, be sure that your garden is safe enough, for your children with suitable equipment, tools, and fencing.

Benefits of gardening for children:

  • Being outdoor, gardening helps children to get ample natural Vitamin D from sunshine which helps to keep their bones strong and enhances immunity. Moreover, gardening is a good exercise for children as well as parents. It helps in the development of sensory organs and develops hand-eye coordination and builds physical strength. It is quite physical and the body works hard while doing garden-related activities like digging, carrying, lifting, watering, etc. Scooping up the dirt, placing the seeds, etc. helps to develop an important motor skill that will improve their academic skills such as writing, cutting, and typing.
  • Gardening builds a sense of responsibility in children and enhances self-esteem and builds confidence.
  • While working in the garden they come to know different species of plants and how different seasons and weather influence the growth of plants. Gardening also helps them to get introduced to different animals, birds, and insects.