How does a Montessori School help Children learn Sharing?

The first day at a Montessori in Pomona, CA can be stressful for you as a parent. Both you and the child are bound to suffer from separation anxiety. But you would find the child quickly getting over it and falling into a daily routine. If you have chosen a competent preschool in Pomona, CA for your kid then you would find him/her loving the school time. After a week or two, they will never shed tears or make excuses to miss school. It is all down to the curriculum and skills of teachers at the Montessori. Their first goal is to make your child's time at the school fun-filled and to teach them something new at the same time. And one of the important skills (and even the first skills) most children pick up at a Montessori school is the practice of sharing with their classmates. How?

During their preschool hours, the children have preferences with toys. As parents, you would find that schools only keep a limited number of a specific toy no matter how popular it is with the students. This is a psychological ploy to enhance their sense of sharing. Your child has to wait for his/her turn to play with a certain toy. And that wait teaches the child first lessons in sharing. He/she learns that all favorite things should be shared.

As a part of the curriculum, there are many activities which require your child to work with other classmates as a team. They have to collaborate and share the tasks. And gradually they understand that sharing things makes life so much simpler. This is again a great way of imbibing the sense of sharing among the preschoolers.

One of the core philosophies of Montessori Pomona, CA school is not to enforce anything upon the child, rather try to modify a behavior trait through a polite correction. When your child snatches someone else's toy or does not want to share toys with some other kid, what do you do? You take it away from him/her and give it to the other kid, right? Well, things are done a bit differently at any Preschool Pomona, CA. Teachers request the child to share the toy, and upon repeated and patient urging they abide. When a kid understands the benefits of sharing it gets ingrained inside the brain.

Apart from these, the teachers at Montessori schools also promote the habit of sharing during their storytelling or book reading sessions. If you think about it, there are many childhood stories which talk about sharing and its benefits. Teachers read through the story and explain to the children how the act of sharing made things simple at the end of just finished story. And children do take lessons learned from stories very seriously.

As you can see, the systematic approach to teaching makes the child believe in sharing rather than the act being enforced upon him/her. That is why things learned at the preschool stay on with the child for the rest of his/her life.