How Environmental Factors Influence child development

Do you know that the environment you live in has a great impact on the development of your children? Not only the environment but many other factors like genetics, influence child development. Unlike other factors, environmental factors are within your control and you can change these factors for the betterment of your children. Although there is an ongoing debate about which factor is more influential in child development – nature or nurture, it is a well-known fact that the world we live in has a major role in shaping who we are.

How does a child’s environment impact his/her development?

The environment in which a child grows up - his/her family, home, neighborhood, school, and Day Care Chino Hills CA. all these play important roles in their development. During their early years, kids learn mainly through interactions with their environment and with other people. This is the time they start developing their problem-solving skills, communication skills, social skills, motor skills, and good habits.

5 main areas in a child’s development:

  • Physical – size, strength, motor control and coordination
  • Intellectual – thinking, learning, and problem-solving
  • Emotional – learning appropriate responses to events, recognizing one’s own and other’s emotions, expressing feelings
  • Social – skills necessary to relate with others
  • Moral – developing a conscience, differentiating between right and wrong, and understanding the consequence of any action or word.

Importance of family/parenting for growing children:

There is no doubt that a family is the most important contributor to a child’s development. As children grow up in a family setting, they observe their parents, other family members, how they behave with each other, their relationship dynamics; everything. Positivity and love in the family can help the child to be optimistic, confident, and loving towards others in the family. According to the teachers of the Preschool Chino Hills, CA, this extends to their emotional and moral development as well. They also learn what behavior is appropriate/inappropriate and what consequences can come from those behaviors.

Parenting styles also have a great impact on children’s development. Parents who spend more time and energy with their little ones, see more positive growth. Spending quality time with children and giving attention is very important for their healthy development.

The importance of the child’s community/school:

Most of the kids spend a large part of the day in school, so you should always be very careful in selecting the correct schools for your children. Research well and try to know the teaching philosophy, the administrators and teachers, co-curricular activities of the schools in your locality. If possible plan a visit to the school with your child to see how does he/she feels about the place. Ask him/her if he/she liked the school or not. Children will develop confidence, independence, self-esteem, integrity, punctuality, and other 21st-century life skills from the organized teaching-learning method of Day Care Chino Hills CA.

Socio-economic status can have a great impact:

Poorer families are indeed at a disadvantage when it comes to providing a healthy environment for a child to grow. Many parents have to depend on public education which may not be the best option for their children. Children living in poverty may also suffer from malnutrition which limits their ability to explore their full potential.