How Storytelling Influences A Child’s Mental Growth

Storytelling perhaps is the oldest form of teaching which gives children answers to their questions. Children live in a safe and secure atmosphere surrounded by their parents, relatives, and teachers. A storytelling method can be used as an eye-opener. Child Care experts suggest parents should spend adequate time daily by reading books or telling a story to their children.

Make a list of story and storybooks that you are going to tell or narrate them. Do not tell them about a harsh, pessimistic, and troubled world which will make them confused. A bedtime sweet and nice story is a must for your child because it creates magic and a sense of wonder. Listening to story at bedtime also relax their mind. The story teaches them about life and to respect and appreciate their own as well as other culture. This article will make you understand how storytelling helps a child’s mental health.

Promotes brain development, imagination, and invokes curiosity :

Regular storytelling to children promotes brain development and imagination. When he listens to a story it sparks the child’s imagination and stimulates curiosity. Child Care center in Chino, CA always encourages this curiosity that drives him to acquire more knowledge in future life.

Improves listening skill :

Listening to a story on the daily basis from elders improves the listening skill of the child. Attention deficiency is a common problem for a child. They cannot concentrate on something for a long time. Research has shown that the storytelling method almost acts like therapy to make them more attentive. They learn how to create a focus on a certain topic and which leads them to focus on their studies in later life.

Foster imagination :

Regular storytelling also fosters the child’s imagination. When they listen to a story they start to imagine the characters, the plot, and the whole thing. It plays almost like a cinema in their brain. It has been found that the child, who gets a chance to listen to the story a lot from their elders, gradually becomes a good storyteller and story writer when they grow old.

Improves their vocabulary :

Children absorb almost everything till they are five or six years old. So, when they listen to the story intensely, they learn new words from the story and later use them properly while expressing different characters or events in their life.

The story makes your child a better person :

With the help of fiction, you can grow virtues like empathy, sympathy, compassion in your child. With the help of storytelling, you can make them soft and beautiful people. With the help of the right fiction, you can make your child more compassionate about their friends and family. The habit of listening to the story makes him a nice person in the future. For that reason, most of the Montessori schools of Chino CA follow this rule.

Improves Memory :

Regular listening to stories improves their memory. To follow the story they have to retain the series of events in the story in their mind and this ultimately enhances their retaining capacity of the brain.