How To Boost The Energy Of Your Kids?

Kids need a high volume of energy as they are active throughout the day. By nature, if children are not sick, they always bubble with energy. If you see the loss of energy in children, it is a matter of concern, say most of the preschool Pomona CA caregivers. Parents should search for the reason behind it. Sometimes temporary lack of energy is due to some simple reasons. It has been shown that children, who do not eat well, get tired easily. Lack of physical activity also the reason for energy loss.

The nutritionist at a Day Care Pomona CA, tells that children need to get more calories from food and drinks to gain energy. A proper diet not only keeps them active but also helps them to develop properly both physically and mentally.

To recharge your children you need to follow three basic rules – 1. Make your kids eat more meals and fewer snacks, 2. Serve foods that are highest in calories, and 3. Add extra calories to your kids’ food and avoid serving those foods which contain low calories.

Some foods are instant energy boosters. Day care experts suggest providing your children with some special foods when you see the sign of energy loss in them. These foods are given below.

Apple and bananas are super energy boosters as they contain fructose which easily gets mixed with blood instantly and makes your kid active and alert. Apple is a good source of iron and vitamin C which helps blood formation and improves immunity. Whereas banana is a good source of fiber and potassium and they help to keep your children’s stomach full for two hours.

Sometimes due to hot weather and humid weather children feel less energetic. This type of weather causes lots of sweating since children are always running about. Through sweating, lots of salt and minerals are drained out from the body and make it dehydrated and dehydration brings energy levels down. In this case, a glass of slightly cold water mixed with lemon juice and a pinch of sugar and salt do wonders to recharge your kids.

To boost the energy of your children you can also make some energy bars. First take some nuts like almonds, cashew nuts, pistachio, and walnut. Roast them slightly and break them into small pieces. Roast oats and grind to a fine powder. On a pan add everything along with honey. Keep it on low flame to get thicken. Then give it a shape. The energy bar is ready. To add variety instead of honey you can also add melted chocolate. These bars are excellent to bring instant energy to your kids.

These home foods are quite helpful to recharge your kids. But despite giving it if they do not feel energetic, do visit a doctor for a thorough check-up to find out the problem. Sometimes kids may need feeding of nutritional supplement. But this supplement should be recommended by the pediatrician. There are so many in the market, you need the specialist’s help to pick the rightest one.