How to deal with dehydration in kids during these sunny days?

On these sunny days, it is very normal to face dehydration issues. When it comes to kids, they don’t recognize the problem. As parents, it is your responsibility to recognize the problem. Maybe your child feels weak, has a low energy level, and gets irritated suddenly. In this post, the Preschool Chino, CA, team has mentioned some factors that tell you how you can deal with dehydration.

Let's read it out:

Avoid sugary drinks

Maybe you know this or not, but sugary drinks dehydrate your baby and make them feel thirstier sooner. That is why we must suggest you avoid soda, juice with added sugar, and sports drinks.

Don’t wait until they feel thirsty

Give them water promptly. Don’t wait until your child says they are thirsty; maybe they have been thirsty for a long time and waited too long to ask you. Thirst is one of the symptoms of dehydration. Keep children from becoming dehydrated by ensuring that water is always available and easy to obtain, and by encouraging them to relax regularly.

Offer them water rick snacks

Choose hydrating foods for your baby, like 100% juice popsicles, watermelon, grapes, and orange slices, which are great stand-ins for water in a pinch. Furthermore, if your child gets to eat a ripe, red watermelon wedge, he is more likely to stop playing. This type of fruit is quite popular among children.


You can also give them oral rehydration solutions (ORS) as soon as they become ill. Don't wait until things become dire. While minor dehydration can be addressed with adequate fluid intake, severe dehydration needs rapid medical attention. So you have to notice if your child has any kind of issue.

Watch the toilet

Teach your child about the importance of drinking water, and also check out the washroom situation after their pee and ask them for feedback. Many of the kids like to see what comes into their toilet. Tell them to watch carefully; their pee should not be dark yellow or burnt orange; it needs to be the color of lemonade (clear or light yellow).


These above-mentioned tips will allow you to keep your baby hydrated on these hot summer days. You also need to protect your child from afternoon outings during their holidays. Dehydration can cause lots of health issues in your child, so always focus on your child. Rather, you can choose our school of Montessori in Chino, CA, for your child's better care. Most working parents choose us for their child's care; you can also consider it.