How to Deal with Separation Anxiety of The Kids at Time of Going to Preschool

Goodbye is not a very pleasant word for the children. It is very common and natural among the children that they start crying and throw tantrums whenever the parents go out of sight. This is nothing but a sign of separation anxiety. This is quite common among the children aged between 6 to 12 months. At that time, the baby may become anxious when you leave him with a baby sitter and starts to cry.

Initially, you may want to find out what is wrong with your little one but then you will know that it is a normal phenomenon. Things get a little challenging when they are about to go to the Preschool Diamond Bar, CA. Most of the children are scared and anxious to go to a new atmosphere without their parents.

For the toddlers, the word goodbye is synonymous to crying, screaming, and outburst of tears. They are in a close-knit relationship with their parents in the comfort of their home. With time, they grow a sense of security and familiarity around them.

Why do the preschoolers have separation anxiety?

There are different reasons that are responsible to start the separation anxiety among the kids. The children believe that their survival completely depends on the primary caregiver. As they are too small to understand different worldly things, they feel insecure in a little change in their surroundings. They also don’t have much idea about time and bidding adieu means their parents are going forever.

When they go to the Preschool Diamond Bar, CA; they will feel the same way. Along with that their comfortable ambiance is also missing. All of these make the child nervous to induce separation anxiety.

How to ease the separation anxiety among children?

As the parent, it must be difficult to hear your child crying while you are leaving. Take this as a positive note that you and your child have bonded really well. The strong attachment between the parents and child is a healthy sign.

The first thing you need to do is talk to your child about the separation. Tell him that there are many friends waiting for him at the playschool to play. You can also tell him the story of your elementary school and how you made some wonderful friends over there. Encourage your kid in such a way that he will himself want to go there.

You can also give him a stuffed toy that may soothe him in our experience. You can say that your Mumma is here in this bunny.

Without saying goodbye, you can share a secret handshake with your little one that is a clear indication of the fact that you are leaving but without uttering the two words.

If you promise to return to pick him up from the Preschool, then maintain that. Never send anyone else in your place as it may break his trust on you.

Keep a constant routine for your child so that he will cope up with the situation with ease.