How to Develop Your Kid’s Vocabulary?

If you are a parent of a toddler and he has started going to Preschool Chino Hills CA, you need to ensure that he is participating in different activities to develop his vocabulary. To be successful in school and beyond, children need to build a healthy vocabulary. Kids learn a lot from the adults in their lives and there are many ways you can help your child learn new words and introduce early reading concepts.

Here are some easy and fun vocabulary-building activities that you can do every day to help your child develop his vocabulary.

  • Visiting local library :

    Visiting the local library is a very good starting point to enhance your preschooler's language and early reading skills. There is a strong correlation between library use and literacy-building skills. Child Care Chino Hills, CA library often conduct some fun and engaging events and activities for young learners which will give them exposure to new words and an opportunity to socialize.

  • Having a daily conversation :

    One of the most important ways to improve your child’s vocabulary is by simply talking to him. You can have a conversation with your child on an age-appropriate topic. For toddlers and babies, giving a play-by-play of your daily activities is an effective way to start a conversation. Kids constantly observe everything they hear. The more they hear you speak the more they will learn. As kids grow older you can give them the chance to speak more and practice their vocabulary with you.

  • Play word games :

    According to Preschool Chino Hills CA, playing word games is a very good way to spend some quality time with your child. This type of fun game is very helpful in increasing the IQ level and helps in increasing the knowledge of the child. If you are keener on improving his vocabulary, spelling skills, thinking skills, and providing some exercise to his brain, this type of word games is an ideal option.

  • Reading together :

    Besides being a wonderful way to spend quality time with your little munchkin, reading aloud is a great way to expose him to new words. You need to be very careful in choosing books for your little learner. The book should interest him and have words that are slightly above his understanding.

  • Creating a word wall :

    This is one of the great ways to help new words sink into your child’s brain. Child Care Chino Hills, CA suggests dedicating a wall or a corner in your house for new words where you can stick a chart paper or hang a whiteboard to write each new word they learn from different other activities.

  • Practice rhymes :

    Practices rhymes are not only fun but also provides an opportunity to get your toddler thinking about how different words are related to each other. You can encourage your child to do the actions while reciting the rhymes. Doing this he will be able to connect words with different body parts or actions.

Besides the above-mentioned activities, as a parent, you need to be patient and appreciate your child’s efforts to learn new words.