How To Foster A Stronger Sibling Bond

The relationship with siblings in childhood perhaps is one of the most treasured memories of our life. The free flow tension-free time we spent with our brother and sisters, the laughter and fun we made together, or even conflict over petty issues – all make happy memories that we cherish when we grow old. We all want that our children also create such happy memory like us and maintain an everlasting bonding among them. The sibling bond is an emotional and powerful bond and parents should take extra care so that their offspring live happily ever after.

According to the teachers of a daycare San Dimas, CA, parents must take a few thoughtful measures to maintain a healthy relationship among siblings because sibling can be the best support system, not just during childhood, but, more so during old age when he may have few people who understand him well. No one other than the parents knows a child better than his siblings. In the time of happiness as well as in distress sibling stands like a pillar of strength behind us.

According to a psychologist parental treatment towards our children have great importance on making a healthy relationship among siblings. Here are some easy child care tips which parents may follow so that their children make a warm relation full of love and respect among themselves.

Caregivers of a primary school in San Dimas, Ca gives some childcare tips :
  • Do not take the side of one child. Parents may be biased towards one child but it may give rise to jealousy and hatred in the mind of the other child. Parents’ mishandling may break the bond between siblings.
  • Child psychologist says that children have a better relationship when they share a common activity that they both enjoy. It may be tough to identify the common interest when the age gap between them is much. But parents must observe their children and help them to find out the common interest.
  • When children are happily involved in the play, do not interrupt them or do not take it for granted. Support them by providing what they need to keep playing. If possible you also take part in the play. It will encourage them a lot.
  • Use at least some special time with your children. Special time means narrate them your own childhood experience with your siblings to them. They will surely be happy to listen to your childhood stories. Tell them how you and your siblings spent a warm time with each other in childhood. Bedtime is the best time to share your experience with them.
  • Encourage your children to help each other. Tell your older sibling to help his little brother while doing his homework or tell the little one to assist the older brother sincerely when he is making breakfast.
  • Give them a duty which they will perform jointly. Suppose you have a garden. Involve your children to take care of it jointly.
  • Spent quality time with children to boost a warm relation among children. A weekly outdoor outing is a must for a healthy relation.