How to help your child in developing locomotor skills

Locomotor skills start developing in babies when they are as young as 11 to 12 months old. These skills are an important part of the gross motor skills and should be developed from an early age. Locomotor skills can be defined as the basic ways of movement and coordination that form a foundation for children's physical health.

Various types of locomotor skills:
There are various types of locomotor skills and Montessori San Dimas, CA, teachers are sharing those essential skills that children learn as they grow up.

Standing and Walking:
If you are a parent of a toddler you must have seen that your baby started trying to stand with the support of the counters, tables, chairs, or your hands when he was around 10 months of age. Though it takes a lot of effort, children are very persistent in their efforts to start standing or walking independently.

Kids love jumping. This is something they learn instinctively and need not be taught. You might have seen your baby perform that little dance of victory and jump of joy whenever they feel happy. You can show him the correct jumping technique to avoid any inadvertent injury.

This is another activity you must have seen your kids doing quite often. Once they know how to jump properly, they take that learning to the next level which is hopping when they just move up and down on the support of one foot.

Once your kids learn walking, they will try to run. Most of the kids of Preschool San Dimas, CA can run successfully after a few attempts. For kids, running is a very fun activity but you need to make sure that your kids maintaining correct body posture while running. If your kids are clumsy in the beginning, don't worry just keep an eye on them when they start running.

Galloping is a skill that is a bit challenging to teach but once they learn to gallop they find it enjoyable.

Leaping is the skill of jumping forward and backward with one leg outstretched in front taking off one foot and landing on the other. This activity needs some training and safety measures should be taken while teaching this to kids. Initially, kids start practicing leaping a soft mattress to avoid any serious injury.

Skipping is a combination of walking, hopping, and a little bit of jumping. Skipping can be done using a rope but it can become a little chaotic in that case. Practicing skipping can be a little tricky for kids but your consistent support will help them to develop this skill.

Galloping sideways is termed as sliding. Slide in the park is the most effective way to make the children understand. In Montessori San Dimas, CA, young kids are encouraged to use toddler slides to master this skill.
Online learning is helpful for kids as most of the time they can have an individualized learning schedule. While in traditional schools students are expected to complete an assignment by the due dates, online learners can adjust their daily routine to suit their individual needs. This flexibility help children learn in a better way.