How to implement Nature-based learning in Preschools

While exploring different education systems available for kids, it has been observed that many traditional preschools and child care centers are embracing the benefits of nature-based early childhood education system. There are many teachers who, despite being in a traditional classroom setting, want to make meaningful connections with nature. The below-mentioned list provides some ways to infuse nature-based learning into Preschool Chino, CA curriculum.

Taking students outside every day, not just for recess.
Every preschool has unique access to outdoor spaces and can take their students outside for different activities. Kids need to be exposed to big natural elements like sun, sky, plants, and animals. Nature is everywhere and we can take the benefits of nature if we go outside and spend some time. Teachers should plan some activities to provide kids with more opportunities for outdoor learning, separate from recess time. You can take children on a field trip to the nearby parks, farm plots or gardens to let children explore the natural resources.

Do it outside.
In Montessori Chino, CA, teachers take their storytime in the garden. Be it science experiments or playing with math manipulatives, can happen outside. Reading? Writing? Painting? Dancing? Whatever the activity is, plan to do it outside. As long as your learning objectives are achieved, the classroom setting does not matter.

Parents forum.
If you are planning to implement nature-based learning in your class, it is a good idea to hold a parent meeting to share your thoughts and planning on how you are going to utilize and integrate the developmental benefits of outdoor learning into the existing curriculum.

Invite parents.
You can plan some outdoor activities with your kids and ask parents to volunteer their presence and participate in the activity. This parents’ participation can benefit you in two ways, you can be transparent with parents about what their children are learning in school and can create a greater buy-in opportunity for your nature-based curriculum.

Train your teachers:
There are many organizations, nature centers, and regional associations that offer training to meet the specific requirements of teachers to implement nature-based early childhood learning. Preschool Chino, CA educators find students led learning approaches are always better to facilitate meaningful connections with nature.

Before implementing nature-based learning, you should consider safety at the top of your priority list and your training should also include specifics on safety best practices.