How To Limit Your Child’s Screen Time

Screens are visually everywhere, so controlling a child’s screen time can be a challenging job. Some screen time can be educational for children and support their social development. Due to Covid- 19, pandemic children are following hybrid and distance learning models and hence are incorporating more screen time into their school day says a Montessori expert in Chino, CA. That is why it is more important to reduce the use of electronics the rest of the day.

A Preschool caregiver says that screens are a part of today’s culture but you have to restrict the use of them for children as various health benefits are related to it. It may damage a child’s eyes, increase the chance of child- obesity and type 2 diabetes because it makes children lead a sedentary lifestyle.

In this pandemic when most of the parents are busy at home juggling with time because of domestic as well as office works at the same time, electronic devices kept their children busy, and they could do all their office work and domestic works without any disturbances. But, parents need to limit the screen time now when this world is gradually getting normal.

In most of the preschools, who follow the Montessori Method of teaching, the school authority tries to keep their children as busy as possible. They also request parents to reduce the use of screen time of their children at home and encourage them in various types of indoor as well as outdoor activities. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends an acceptable amount of screen time for children. According to them, no screen time is for children under 2. One hour per day for children 2-12 and 2 hours per day for teens and adults.

According to most of the preschool caregivers in Chino, CA, parents should develop a screen time rule at their home. Create a technology-free zone at your home where electronic devices like cell phones, handheld video games, or laptops are not allowed to use.

Parents may encourage children in various types of electronic gadget-free activities like making bubbles, playing I spy, sock basketball, etc. If your child is older, you can play also off-screen chess with them. If there is nothing to play with, involve them in various types of domestic works like washing vegetables, cutting vegetables, arranging utensils or spices in the kitchen, dusting, coloring fence, there are so many things to do. Children generally enjoy these activities and gain some practical knowledge from it.

Montessori Method of teaching encourages outdoor activities for the proper development of children. To keep your children away from all those mobile and video games encourage them in various types of outdoor activities like playing games, hiking, swimming, etc. Winter is coming and it is the time to go skiing or try a polar bear swim. Encourage your children to decorate your yard to get ready for Christmas and New Year. With toddlers, parents may make snow angels and snowman. Decorate the trees outside or accompany them on to nature walk.

There are so many things to do. Parent has to spend some extra time with their children to keep them engaged healthily. All these activities will help in the mental as well as physical development of children.