How To Make Classes Interesting For Kids

It is pretty common to catch students staring into black space rather than being attentive in class. Then, just when you think that you have finally created a perfect lesson plan or any other engaging activity, you find the greatest hurdle in the teaching process.

We are talking about retaining the attention of the child. It is not easy keeping your students focused on your class, but if you could make those classes interesting, rest assured, the students can absorb and retain all the informative information easily. Therefore, we have talked to the educators at Montessori Chino Hills, CA, to gather tips on what will get your students focused on class.

Tips To Make Classes Interesting :
● Incorporate mystery :

To make your classes fun, you must incorporate mystery in most of your lessons. Learning is most enjoyable when the students don't know what to expect. Giving them something new to learn with the element of surprise would provide your students the drive to be attentive. Therefore, when you are about to unveil a lesson, you have to give them clues to anticipate the lesson you are about to teach. In this way, you will find that the students are looking forward to your classes.

● Repeating the materials is a no-no :

It is appropriate for you to review the classroom materials. However, repeating it is not mandatory. You may lose the students’ attention by repeating classroom material and making it boring to digest. The next time you need to review the materials, you may play a review game to present the information.

In that way, you will feed them the lessons in a digestible and interesting way different from how you taught them first. The 3-2-1 strategy is something that you can use to make the review and classes fun. For this activity, ask your students to draw a pyramid in their respective notebooks and write two things they learned in the class and thought were interesting. And one question which they want to ask.

● Make games out of it :

Playing games in the class is something students of every age anticipate. Games are an interesting way to keep the lesson interesting and make the class understand what you intend to teach in a fun way.

If your students need to remember the spelling of words, you can turn it into an impromptu spelling bee contest. If it is maths, then present them with facts or stories to relate to the stories and provide answers. Games make learning fun, and it is such a classic trick that it will never go out of style.

● Give them choices :

One strategy that teachers have grown to love and have found effective is giving their students the ability to make choices. Giving choices to the students while learning will prove to be a productive way of teaching through which children will learn the value of independence and interest. In addition, helping children foster such characteristics will get their curiosity heightened.

So, next time when you conduct a class, ensure that you incorporate these tips to keep things fun and entertaining.