How to Prepare Your Toddler for Preschool

Admission to a preschool is a great step for your toddler because a preschool or daycare is the first place for some children where they meet caregivers and peers who are not their immediate family members. If your child is starting preschool this fall, your preparation process might have been started. Give an introduction to a preschool or daycare to your children. Tell them that they will enjoy a lot with new peers and caregivers in a new atmosphere.

If your children earlier have gone to childcare, they might have acquainted with new people other than their family. Working parents, who are forced to keep their children in child care, get benefitted in a certain way- their children do not create problems to go to the preschool because they already have a prior rehearsal in Childcare. But, the children who do not have any such experience may create a lot of problems for the first few days. They may cry or showing their unwillingness to go to the new place.

But, going to preschool does come with emotions for both parents and the child. For toddlers stepping into a new preschool environment filled with unfamiliar teachers and peers can cause both anxiety and excitement and at the same time, parents may feel a little sad that their baby is venturing out into a big world without you. Some parents remain confused about whether their children are really ready for preschool. But, parents must make their children ready for it.

A caregiver of a child Care Pomona, CA gives tips on how to prepare your toddler for preschool.

  • There are various books about going to preschools. Read those books for your children throughout the summer months before the school starts. You will get all these books in the local library. You need not buy all these books because you will need them only for a few days.
  • To ease out the fear about preschool, spend adequate quality time with children. Narrate them the happy moments once you experienced in your preschool days. Tell how you became blessed getting all those peers at the preschool. Make a picture that preschool is actually is a place of fun and frolic.
  • Visit the preschool classroom with your child a few times before they actually start going to school. This will help to remove fear about unseen unfamiliar territory. Do not forget to meet your child’s class teacher, introduce your child to him or her. Ask about the routine and common activities. If possible you can introduce some activities at home before the child starts going to school. Allow your children to explore the classroom and interact with other kids. Once the kids get familiarize with all these things, they will not create any problems after reaching the daycare.

In spite of taking all these cares, if your child gets fear, do not scold or yell at him. Give time, everything will be alright. He will gradually get adjusted to the daycare you have provided for him.