How To Protect Children’s Skin And Hair During Monsoon Season

During monsoons, people are likely to experience a humid, warm, and damp climate. Besides the bliss, during monsoons human beings, especially kids, may experience various skin and hair related problems. Since children have delicate skin, they are vulnerable to these problems. Montessori Pomona, CA, teachers have observed that many parents may not be aware of different skin problems and have less or no idea how to protect their children’s skin and hair. So, following the below mentioned basic monsoon skin and hair care tips for children, will help you to keep the skin and hair problems at bay.

Rinse and shower just after they have enjoyed the rain :

Children love to play in the rain and it would be unfair to expect the kids to avoid rains and stay indoors throughout. You can let your child go out and enjoy the rain only if you make sure to wash and clean them thoroughly once they come back. Rinse their face and even give them a warm water shower after they have drenched in the rain. Wipe and pat dry their body with a soft clean towel and do check for dirt in the areas like neck, underarms, ears, private areas, and other places for any fungal or skin infections.

Washing hands properly :

Kids are curious by nature and they tend to touch everything on the go. This natural inquisitive attitude makes the little explorers susceptible to catching infections. Child Care Pomona, CA caregivers are always watchful and make sure children wash their hands properly with soap before their mealtime. They always keep a hand sanitizer handy to ensure kids are always safe from any type of skin allergies and infections during monsoons.

Happy Heads :

Sweat and moisture tend to clog the pores on the scalp of children. Itchy and tangled hair becomes a part of most of the children during monsoons. It is advisable to wash their hair every alternate day to keep the scalp clean and healthy. Rains are also the favorite time for the lice to grow in the hair. So, it is good to keep a close eye and keep their hair cleaned and washed.

Using kids friendly moisturizer :

Due to the high relative humidity during monsoons, children may experience dry and flaky skin especially after being exposed to rain or muddy water. High humidity combined with high temperatures may cause skin rashes in children. So, using a gentle, kids friendly moisturizer will help to keep their skin moisturized and hydrated.

Avoid the occurrence of prickly heat :

Montessori Pomona, CA, teachers have seen many kids develop prickly heat during this season. This may be caused by the clogging of the skin pores due to the dampness in the natural environment. To treat these annoying reddish eruptions, you can use antibacterial talcum and body soaps. Also, try to use a good quality, child-friendly sunscreen that comes with SPF 50+.

You can follow the above mentioned protective tips and welcome monsoons every year with open arms. Once you feel relaxed about your child’s health, you can also join in the kids' party and enjoy the season to the fullest.