How To Understand The Psychology Of Children For Their Non-sharing Habit

Do you ever face that your kid does not want to share anything with other kids? If you visit any Montessori San Dimas, CA you can see that there are so many kids who feel the same. If you feel uncomfortable to deal with such situations where your child declines to another child in the playground, then don’t try to interfere. Most of the time, the parents want to convince the children to give up the toy in which his friend is taking an interest.

It is not wrong that as the parent we want our kids to play and enjoy together and they think that sharing is the only way to do this. That’s why; they focus on teaching their kids how to share as the parents think that it is a great way to fit them in the peer community.

In reality, when kids are going to the Preschool San Dimas, CA, they only learn ways to meet their basic requirements. The thoughts of sharing or borrowing are too complex for them. The sense of empathy does not grow among them till then. If you force them to learn the social skills, it will eventually increase the level of tantrums they throw frequently.

How Force Sharing Can Deliver the Wrong Message?
The eminent child psychologists often ask the parents to restrict themselves to force the children to share anything. It may deliver the wrong message to the kid, such as:

  • If they cry loudly, they will get the thing they want
  • Parents are responsible to give them anything
These are not good messages that we want to deliver to our kids but during the time of force sharing, they eventually get it.

How to get the solution?

In the Montessori San Dimas, CA, they follow a unique method to get the solution in the most right way. The kids need to give a tool by which they can solve the problem by themselves. It is a simple way to play with the same thing turn by turn so that everyone can enjoy the toy. In this way, the kids will learn to control their impulses to grab anything they want. Along with that, it will increase their patience level as well.
Another important thing, you can teach the kids to deal with the situation. You must encourage the child to use their own words to advocate for the situation. This is an important life skill that will help them to build up their base of confident character. They must express their needs by themselves as it will boost their confidence level.
Along with that, it is also kept in mind that, the parents should not jump in to set the limit of playing with a toy. In this way, the children will lose the opportunity to learn life skills from their own experience.
Finally, another important feature of the characteristic of the kids is to encourage them in the self-regulation. The kids learn to play with a toy until their accomplishment and then pass it to the other kids just like they do in the Preschool San Dimas, CA. It will encourage their self-regulation and discipline as well.