Importance of Picture Walk for Kids

Warming up before doing exercise is considered a really good idea. It allows the body to prepare for the workout session. Warming up is also important for students before you read aloud to them and taking a picture work is one way to do this. Now, as parents of toddlers, you must be wondering what is picture walk and how to do it with kids? Relax parents, Preschool Chino Hills, CA, teachers are here to help you understand the process and know the ways of doing it at home.

First, let's understand what picture walk is.

A picture walk is previewing the pictures in a book to familiarize children with the story before introducing the written words to them. Picture walk can develop children's interest in a story and help them want to learn more about the story. Before reading, this warming up session can help children connect the visual images in the story to their own experiences and activate the prior knowledge. They can give children a tool to organize the information in the story, increasing their comprehension skills. Picture walk also helps children to understand the importance of visual cues as a reading strategy. Looking at the pictures in the book kids start thinking chronologically and organize a story into a beginning middle and end.

Purpose of picture walk :

  • In Child Care Chino Hills, CA, caregivers encourage students to do a picture walk before they start reading as it helps them make connections to the story using their prior knowledge.
  • It sets a purpose for reading and provides students with opportunities for using visual cues to enhance comprehension skills.
  • It provides opportunities to make predictions and anticipate the main events in the story.
  • Offers the opportunities to introduce new vocabulary before the reading.
How to do picture walk with kids :

  • Selecting a good book : before taking a picture walk, it is important to choose a proper child-friendly book having large, meaningful and interesting illustrations. You need to make sure the illustrations are simple and colorful to capture young children's attention. These pictures will play a very important role to promote conversation about what is happening on each page of the book.
  • Observe closely : students should be encouraged to observe the pictures very carefully and with full attention.
  • Start with the cover : Preschool Chino Hills, CA, teachers always start picture walk with the cover of the book and use the illustrations on the cover to promote a conversation about what the book might be about.
  • Going through the pictures : now it's time to go through all the pages of the book before reading it with the kids. Teachers can use the illustrations to determine what is happening on each page of the book.
  • Retelling the story : after the picture walk, kids should read the book to understand the story better. Even if they don't remember the story word by word, the illustrations help them to remember the main events of the story and retell the story in chronological order.