Indoor games for a 1-year-old child

Kids love to play games, and when it comes to indoor games, can be an excellent option for keeping your child entertained. It also offers the opportunity for learning and development. If you are thinking about indoor games, you have many options to enjoy at home. The Montessori Pomona, CA , the team has highlighted or created an interesting list for your kids to improve their learning and increase their fun level.

Let's read them out carefully:

Sensory Bin

Every kind of sensory play can be a great choice for a 1-year-old child. Their senses help them explore the world around them.

Give them lots of toys with different colors, textures, and shapes to help them in their study. For your youngster to explore with their hands, fill a bin or container with rice, beans, or noodles. For them to discover, place various objects like blocks, toys, or measuring cups. Fine motor skills and sensory development are aided by this practice.

Empty containers and plastic eggs

It is a simple and enjoyable game with an empty container and plastic eggs that is enjoyed by all children. Now ask your child to put them in and pour them out, and your baby will love to do this.

Write in sand or rice

if you are looking to creatively engage your child. Fill a shallow container with sand or rice and allow your baby to draw in it. Each item has a very appealing feel and will encourage learning, development, and exploration in your child.

Also, you can try the same activity with the food purees and yogurt if your child insists on putting everything in his mouth.

Jumbo Puzzle

This game is a two-for-one: First, you need to start by outlining a picture in thick black lines and asking your child to color it. Now cut it into two and make a perfect puzzle for toddlers' hands and minds.

Play House

Make a cardboard fort, playhouse, or play tunnel with appropriate entrance and exit points to assist your child in getting in and out. It will be the next level of entertainment for your child. Here, your child can enjoy knocking on the door, ringing the doorbell, or asking if someone is inside (they can try to pretend like it's a real home).


These are some indoor activities you can enjoy with your 1-year-old child. Hope your child enjoys these games and learns new things. Kids always love to explore new things, and as parents, it is our responsibility to give them a proper space to learn new things. If you choose Child Care Pomona, CA, where we allow every child to involve themselves in different kinds of activities and work on themselves for their holistic growth,