Is Your Child Ready For Preschool? 7 Signs Say That He Is

Starting preschool or Montessori school is a big step in your child life and depending on the child it may come as early as 30 months or as late as 3 years. But what tells you that your child is ready to go to his Montessori Pomona, CA? Here are five signs that can help you know.

First, your child must not have a separation issue from you for a long period of time. If he can stay happily with a relative or babysitter for half a day, then he can easily stay in his preschool.

Another thing to look for is, can he work on his own? In a preschool, he will be expected to art and craft (supervised by his teacher of course) by his own. So, if he can already sit and draw or do puzzles on his home, he is quite ready for playschool. To encourage this behaviour, you can give him such items as you do your work and see if he is sticking with it, or is he coming to you frequently for help.

Group activity is a big thing in a playschool; so, if your child is already playing with children of his age or shows interest in playing with children of his age, he will do well in his playschool. Apart from playing, look if your child is sitting still with them as an adult reads a book to them or if he is singing song with them. A yes to these means start looking for your preschool.

Eating by himself is another great sign that your child is ready for playschool. To test that, give him finger foods and see if he can finish the meal by himself. Even during family mealtime, cut up his food and encourage him to eat by himself. If he can do that, he can do well in playschool.

Your child must be ready not only mentally but physically for his playschool. To see if he is, engage him in various activities all morning and see if he easily switches from one activity to another or is, he is lethargic. Also, see if he gets cranky easily if he is various activities, because if he is, then preschool may not be a good place for him yet.

Another thing that says he is ready for preschool is if he can stay within a schedule. From getting ready to be in his Montessori Pomona, CA, he must follow a schedule. First of foremost, is of course getting to bed in time and getting up in time. Now most Montessori schools don’t have that much of a rigid routine but will have some scheduled activity, so he must know that he must do one specific job at one time. If he can do that in his home, then he can do in preschool.

Lastly, he must be potty trained. He must know when he must go to the bathroom and ask adults for help. Some preschool may accept children with diaper, but it is better if your child can alert when he needs to go to the bathroom.