Is Your Child Starting School This Year? 3 Tips To Help You Out

Every year many children join the school program, but this year is not like other years. For one, schools are not opening in September as it generally does, but much later. So, if your child is going to a Day Care Diamond Bar, CA for the first time, here are some pointers to help you out.

  • First of all, though preschool children are not that suspectable to coronavirus, still minors count 8% of all COVID-19 cases in the USA. They show mild symptoms and often recover within a week or two, much faster than an adult. But the danger is that children are often the asymptomatic carrier of the virus; hence you need to watch your child’s health very well before they join the school. Make sure they wear masks in public places and sanitize their hands. If your child has immune deficiency issues, then tell the Child Care Diamond Bar, CA about that and take extra precautions.
  • When choosing the Montessori for your child, make sure they are following CDC guidelines about schools. The guidelines laid down for childcare programs include a reduction in class sizes so that social distancing can be maintained, taking of children’s temperature every day in the morning and emphasis on the right cleaning protocol. Furthermore, the staff members and teachers should be wearing masks and other protective gears and parents are encouraged to drop off and pickup while maintaining 6 feet distance. States and cities have their own guidelines as well; so, the Montessori you choose, talk to them about how they are following it.
  • Many first-time parents could not visit the Montessori in person due to restriction and it is a very important step as that help them teach their child how to assimilate in the new environment. To help in that, schools have started the virtual tour as well as the sharing of room pictures. So, make sure you watch them with your preschool so as to make him or her familiar with the schoolroom. Another great way to make your child eager for school is, after you show him or her the photo of the classroom, ask him/her to draw or tell a story on how they think that their first day is going to be. You can help along by pointing out health guidelines that will be in a place like a temperature taking, spaced out desks and handwashing frequently. The same thing goes with their teacher; if the Day Care Diamond Bar, CA provided the photo of your child’s teacher, share it with him or her and let him/her be prepared psychologically to be with a new adult for most of the time in a day. Also let your child be prepared that the teacher will be wearing masks because seeing a masked adult for the first time they are away from their parents, maybe upsetting for your child.

The first day of school can be tough for a preschooler and also for a first-time parent; more so in this year of pandemic. But follow these tips and that day will become a sweet memory as it should be.