Learning Activities For Kids

The world is considered as a big platform for toddlers to learn new activities. They try to learn new things day by day so it is better to teach them their future skills just like writing and reading. Here are some learning activities that the kids must be made to learn.

Displaying her name

Around the age of two, the toddlers begin to recognize the letters that combine to form her name. The caregivers at Montessori Chino Hills, CA help the kids to learn every single letter that forms their entire name. As parents, you must hang her name written in bold in every corner of your house so that learning names become easier for your toddler.

Reading signs

You must point at the symbols and the letters which are visible in the streets or at any shop that you visit along with your kid. If your toddler looks at those symbols frequently, they will gradually learn what it means. To help your toddlers collaborate the letters to the sounds that they make, enunciate clearly, speak slowly and place your fingers under every single letter and word that your readout. It will help them to learn the words quickly and easily.

Counting Everyday Items

Your toddler might be able to read the numbers and letters properly but the ability to count properly will not grow till their preschool days. The caregivers at Preschool Chino Hills, CA helps the toddlers learn the numbers by tallying them up in a fun way while getting them dressed. Teaching them numerics in the form of rhymes will help them to know and understand the numbers and letters quickly. Encourage them to read out the symbols and letters with their fingers along with you.

Separating objects by color or type

The activity of contrasting, comparing, and observing is an important part of early mathematics. The little toddlers are master sorters. The caregivers at Montessori Chino Hills CA play fun learning activities with the toddlers like grouping the animals based on color or type. You can check this at home by seeing if your toddler can separate his socks from the pack of socks kept in the laundry. This will help them to learn separating objects on several factors very fast.

Making a shape book

After drawing a structure on a piece of paper, flip them through your newspapers and magazines together and cut out the items accordingly that match each figure. The caregivers at preschools go out for a walk with the toddlers to look for objects with specific shapes. You can snap the photo of the things your child points out and paste them into the book. It will help your toddlers learn different structures with significant shapes and sizes.

Incorporating colorful language

Make use of the descriptive language as much as possible so that your toddler learns to recognize the different colors. Ask a variety of tricky questions highlighting the color so that they can recognize that particular color by gradually listening to it and matching them. At the end of the day, play with your toddler and ask about that particular color to see if they can remember it. In this way, your kid can learn different colors quickly.