Maintain A Healthy Sleeping Pattern For Your Kids

It is common for children to have an abrupt sleeping pattern. They fall asleep as quickly as they wake up. However, with the school session ensuing, their inconsistent sleeping pattern may lead to challenging situations.

So, according to the teachers of Montessori San Dimas, CA, you must assist your children in formulating a healthy steep pattern consisting of regular bedtimes, healthy sleep associations, comfortable sleep environments, and lastly a healthy daytime habits.

Tips To Get Your Children Asleep :

Most children tend to fall asleep within twenty to twenty-five minutes of going to bed. How long it takes children to fall asleep depends on how sleepy their bodies and psyche are. That is where the inclusion of their daytime and bedtime routines comes in.

As it happens, the bedtime routines assist the children in winding down right before bedtime. As a result, they fall asleep easily. We have talked to many experts from Montessori San Dimas, CA, who have shared some tips that will get them asleep in no time.

● Set up a bedtime routine

A regular bedtime routine should start around the same time each night will encourage your child a good sleeping pattern. For example, a bedtime routine following the bath, story reading, and bed can help younger children feel ready for sleep.

However, for older children, the routine may include a quiet chat with their parents about how their day has been. It may include a healthy relaxation time before the lights go out.

● Let your children relax before bedtime

Encourage your children to relax before bedtime. Older children may like to wind down by reading their favorite book or listening to good and soothing music. You may also introduce them to practicing breathing for relaxation as well.

However, ensure that they don't spend the day watching movies as they may disturb their sleeping pattern. If your child takes longer than 30 minutes to fall asleep, your child may need a longer wind-down time before they turn up for the day.

● Keep regular sleep and wake up times

Keep your child's bedtime and wake-up times within 1 to 2 hours each day. Maintaining this pattern will provide your children the chance to maintain their body clock in a regular pattern. It is a good idea for weekends, holidays, and school days.

● Keep their naps early and brief

Keeping the older children's nap time early and short is the right thing to do. Most children stop napping when they turn 5 years old. However, if your children are still like to take a nap even after turning 5 years old, you may need to take control of the timing.

Their napping duration during the day should be short, and it should be done no later than early afternoon. Educators at Preschool San Dimas CA opined that If your child ends up taking longer and later naps, then there is a chance that they will have a hard time sleeping at night.

Lastly, ensure that your children feel safer at night. The experts at Preschool San Dimas CA have recommended that children avoid scary tv shows at night. So, follow the rules mentioned above to see the change yourself.