Montessori Tips to Spend Quality Winter Time with Kids

The Winter holidays are almost here. Schools are closed this time. Montessori Child Care Pomona CA, teachers say that parents have to look after their children especially in winter vacation so that they do not get bored at home. At normal times Montessori caretakers and friends do a lot to give your child the most precious thing that is company. But during the vacation, when schools are closed, parents, how much busy they may be, should spend quality time with their children. Winter is the time of fun and frolic and the weather is so comfortable that parents may look for various activities to keep their children keep engaged creatively and productively.

Preschool Pomona CA, teachers say that both indoor and outdoor activities are needed in winter for your children as some parts of the US experience heavy snowfall outside. When there is too much snowfall and blizzard outside, play various types of indoor games with your children. Your child will not get bored while confined at home, and you will also feel relaxed when you see the smiling face of them.

Indoor Activities :

There are various types of indoor games in the market. Buy some games keeping the age and taste of your children in the mind. You can also consult game specialists while buying them online or offline. Make different holiday greeting cards with your children. Arts and crafts keep your children busy creatively. Watch popular movies together and watch the reaction on their face. Involve them while making their breakfast. Involve them in cake baking or in making snacks. Preschool Pomona, CA, experts say that this enhances their self-confidence, improves time management, and develops practical sense.

Outdoor Activities :

Winter is the time of fun and frolic. Do not confine them inside the house when it is sunny outside because it boosts vitamin D production in the body. Have a walk with your children in the sunny weather. Make a snowman with your children outside of your house. Decorate them. Another enjoyable outdoor pastime is painting on the snow. Provide your children with bright food colors like red, blue, green, and yellow along with small bowls, paintbrushes, and a spray bottle. First, tell them to make anything – Disney figures or snowman or fort and then color them. They will enjoy it. Go to ice skating with your children. If you do not own a pair of ice skates you can hire them also for a few dollars. If you live in a rainy year, jump around in mud puddles. You can also go for ice fishing. This is an exciting way to catch fish. But, before starting it check that ice is thick enough and it is not dangerous for your children. Montessori caretakers stateto encourage your children in doing some social services. Encourage them while shoveling snow outside for your senior neighbors or ill friends.

But cold weather can be dangerous for your children. For this reason be sure that they have worn adequate warm clothes, hats, mittens, warm socks, snow boots, and snow pants. When temperature drops consult a physician and take his advice in this matter.