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Diamond Bar Montessori Academy
Upcoming Dates
“Fun-A-Day Summer
August 10th- 21st
First Day of School
Infants, Preschool, &
August 24th
ay a
Summer is almost coming to an end and we are getting ready for the new
school year. We are carefully incorporating all mandated state
orders in our preparations for the academic year. Amid all uncertainties
and fluidity surrounding us due to the recent spike in the Covid-19 cases
in Los Angeles County, we are searching for productive pathways to
continue to be committed, relevant, and resourceful to our devoted
The best interest of every child takes precedence in all our decisions. Due
to the evolving state of affairs, we are modifying our programs. We will be
offering both online and in-person instruction for all the classes except
Infant and Toddler. Meanwhile, we will continue and further improve all Covid-19 health responses
to protect our families. Hygiene measures (including handwashing), respiratory etiquette (coughing
and sneezing), physical (distancing measures), cleaning procedures, safe food preparations, and
serving practices, as well as multiple temperature checks, will be strictly implemented. We are
honored that you entrust us with your child’s education and safety.
“It is in the darkest
Open Enrollment
skies that we see the
We are currently accepting applications for the 2020-2021 school year. Kindly submit
brightest stars.”-
Richard Evans
the registration fee of $100.00 to reserve a spot for your child. Spots may be limited due
to Covid-19 social distancing requirements.
Preschool End of Summer Bash: “Fun- A- Day Summer Celebration”
We are excited to end Summer 2020 with the “Fun- A -Day Summer Celebration”.
Each day will be energetic and exciting with Messy and Musical Mondays,
Topsy- Turvy and Tasty Treat Tuesdays, Wet N’ Wild West Wednesdays, Theatrical
and Throwback Thursdays, and Fitness Fridays ending with a Fun Friday Carnival.
So... please get ready to get very messy, wet, topsy -turvy, fit, and much more!
23555 Palomino Dr, Diamond Bar, CA 91765 || Open Monday-Friday 6:30am-6:30pm *Only during COVID-19*|| (909) 396-8747 ||
Mandatory Uniforms
School uniforms are compulsory for students from Pre-Primary to Kindergarten.
Uniforms may be purchased at the French Toast store using the link and the school code QS5YNRB. The
embroidered logo is mandatory on all pieces being offered. Please ensure that
your child comes to school in uniform every day unless specified otherwise
for special events. All students must wear close-toed shoes for their safety.
Childcare - An Essential Service During the Pandemic
In the wake of school closures, many families are
searching for solutions for their childcare needs while parents are at work.
Under the strict guidelines of the Department of Health, Centers for
Disease Control and Prevention, and the Department of Social Services,
we are finding ways to support our families and community while
keeping the group sizes small and our facilities safe and clean. Our
flexible programs are structured to support children’s academic needs as
well as their social and emotional needs. We understand this great need as
families navigate through with the challenges of Covid-19. Our goal is to help
maintain a sense of normalcy for our students and for all parents,
especially those who are working as everyday heroes. Our school will provide care for children under
6 years from 6:30am-6:30pm.
Classroom Instructions for Infants, Toddlers, Preschool,
& Kindergarten Children
In-person, face-to-face classroom instructions will continue for children
under six years of age, promoting not only the academic but emotional
well-being of our students. Selecting a quality early care and education
program is one of the most important decisions a parent can make. Please
call our office to learn more about the various programs we offer that cater to
the individual needs of each family.
Montessori- based Distance Learning Program for
Children 2-6 years
In accordance with Governor Newsom’s state orders for the state of California
and county of Los Angeles, we will be offering a Distance Learning program
for our Pre-Primary to Kindergarten children who are not yet ready to return
to school. This program will be available for the Fall term based on
Come Discover our Facebook Page
Our Diamond Bar Facebook page keeps you updated with announcements and
our day to day activities. We post photos daily. Please feel free to like and comment.
Do you need help paying for childcare?
You may qualify for free or reduced-cost childcare if you are working, seeking
employment, going to school, or training, once your basic eligibility is assessed.
Very valuable information that has been recently released is that the Los Angeles
County Board of Supervisors has allocated $15 million from its CARE
Acts funding for childcare vouchers that will help essential workers and
low-income families who are relying on daycare centers to take care of
their kids while they are at work. This amount of money translates
to three months of childcare for 5,000 eligible families. Please
contact our office if you need more information on getting
qualified for a child care financial assistance program based on
income and eligibility guidelines.
23555 Palomino Dr, Diamond Bar, CA 91765 || Open Monday-Friday 6:30am-6:30pm *Only during COVID-19*|| (909) 396-8747 ||
What We Know so far about Covid-19 and Children
Even though there is limited data, research suggests that children are less likely to
get, spread, or suffer from Covid-19. Compared to adults, children in their
toddlers through primary school years are believed to somehow able to fight off
coronavirus infections. Even though it is an evolving situation, the findings
currently point to the likelihood of lower risk to young children. While a
multi-system inflammatory syndrome called MIS-C affects some children infected
with the coronavirus, it is rare and most recover from it. However,
a recent study from South Korea also suggests that children over
10 years transmit the virus the same way that adults do. The reasons for
children being resilient to catching and spreading the virus are
currently obscure, and it might take years for us to fully
understand how Covid-19 infection affects children.
Three New Symptoms of Coronavirus
According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, congestion or
runny nose, nausea or vomiting, and diarrhea are now considered symptoms of
Covid-19. These are in addition to fever or chills, cough, shortness of breath, fatigue, muscle
or body aches, headache, loss of taste and smell, and sore throat.
Symptom Screening and Keeping Sick Children at Home
We continue to learn more about Covid-19 every day. For the safety of our
entire student population and staff, we will be conducting symptom screening at
the drop-off and monitor for any developing signs of symptoms
throughout the day. If a child develops any symptoms at school,
parents will be contacted for immediate pick-up. We strongly encourage our
parents to monitor their children for signs of symptoms every day and keep them
home if there are any signs of an infectious illness. Children are more likely than
adults to be asymptomatic or have mild symptoms. Symptoms may appear 2 to 14
days afer exposure to Covid-19.
Close Contact and Potential Exposure
We strongly encourage our parents to notify us immediately if their child has had close contact with a
person who is confirmed for Covid-19, within 6 feet for at least 15 minutes. You must also
please notify us if your child has had close contact with a person under quarantine for
possible exposure to Covid-19 within 6 feet for at least 15 minutes. We recommend
that the student be evaluated by a healthcare provider if the student was exposed to
the above scenarios.
Return-to-School Policy
A negative test or a physician note is required for the student to return
to school if the child was positive or exposed to Covid-19. The student
will be afforded the opportunity to participate in classwork and make
up any missed classwork.
Coronavirus Vaccine Update
The Department of Health and Human Services is preparing to have a coronavirus
vaccine widely available by January if the ongoing studies are successful. Pharmaceutical
companies have announced that they are entering the third phase of clinical trials.
23555 Palomino Dr, Diamond Bar, CA 91765 || Open Monday-Friday 6:30am-6:30pm *Only during COVID-19*|| (909) 396-8747 ||

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