Newsletter December 2020

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December 2020
Diamond Bar Montessori Academy
Dates to Remember:
*December 9 — Winter Pictures
The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year
*December 18 — Annual
Christmas Luncheon & Secret
It is the most joyous time of the year! This holiday season is
Santa Gift
the perfect time to reflect on the blessings we have received
*December 18 — Memories
and to seek out ways to make life better for those around us.
Under the Tree (Festive Attire)
We all had a wonderful Thanksgiving, remembering what we
*December 23 — Pajama Party &
are most thankful for in our lives. We have planned many
Holiday Movies
activities for this month to celebrate the season and to provide
opportunities for our children to let their empathy for others
*December 24-25 — School
blossom. May this merry season of Christmas bring glory to
Closed for Christmas
your life, peace to your mind, and joy to your heart!
*Dec. 31-January 1 — School
Closed for New Year’s Day
December 18 — Secret Santa Gift Event
Reflecting on November
November has always been a time to think of and be
Please bring a wrapped book or an educational toy
grateful for the blessings in our lives. Our children
(under $10.00) for your OWN child labeled with your
celebrated Thanksgiving in our classrooms with a
child’s name and from Santa to continue our tradition
traditional feast while reflecting upon all the gifts we are
of teaching young children the importance of altruism,
truly blessed. The children had a lot of fun decorating the
selflessness, and generosity. The last day to bring a
classrooms with fun and creative arts and crafts.
wrapped book or an educational toy for your child is
Monday, December 14. Please do not allow your child
to see the gift and drop it off at the front in a brown
paper bag. Thank you.
Diamond Bar Montessori Academy — 23555 Palomino Drive, Diamond Bar, Ca 91765
T: (909) 396-8747 — H: 6:30 A.M. - 6:30 P.M.
December 18 — Annual Christmas Luncheon
December 18 — Memories Under The Tree
We will be capturing memorable moments of our
We will be celebrating the spirit of the Holidays with an
students participating in the traditional holiday custom
incredibly special Christmas luncheon. Kindly dress your
of gift giving under the Christmas Tree. Please
child in festive attire for the occasion.
remember to dress your child for the occasion (ideally in
red, green, gold, or other holiday colors) as we celebrate
the joy of Christmas with our children. Please follow us
on Facebook to view the pictures from these candid
December 24 - 25 — School Closed for Christmas
The school will be closed on December 24 and 25 for
Christmas. Have yourself a very Merry Christmas and
December 23 - Pajama Party & Holiday Movie with
enjoy your time with your loved ones!
Cookies & Chocolate Milk
We are planning an unforgettable Christmas pajama
tradition for our students as we settle in for a fun-filled
holiday movie by the Christmas tree. Please have your
child come in warm and comfortable pajamas to school.
Cookies and chocolate milk will be served to make it a
perfect afternoon.
COVID-19 Updates
We would like to thank the Diamond Bar Montessori
community for their continued cooperation in following
the pandemic guidelines. Although we have learned about
encouraging news regarding the vaccine, we need to
continue to be vigilant about following the protocols,
especially in the winter. The teachers and staff implement
these guidelines not only in the children’s daily activities
but will also do so with the upcoming special activities.
Diamond Bar Montessori Academy — 23555 Palomino Drive, Diamond Bar, Ca 91765
T: (909) 396-8747 — H: 6:30 A.M. - 6:30 P.M.
Please Like Us On Facebook!
We are constantly updating our page with
the activities of your children to keep
our parents connected. Follow us on
Facebook at “Diamond Bar Montessori
Academy” to see the exciting academic and co-
curricular activities at our school. Indeed, the school
is always a beehive of activities!
December 21 - December 31 — Practical Life in the
Montessori Classroom
We will dedicate this joyous time to learn more about
practical life activities that are fundamental to a child’s
development. As an essential part of the Montessori
method, practical life activities are often referred to as the
heart of Montessori education. Practical life not only
offers activities to enhance analysis of movement and
critical thinking skills but also provides opportunities to
celebrate the season with arts, crafts and food preparations.
December 31 - January 1 - School Closed for the
New Year
The school will be closed on December 31 & January 1
for the New Year. May every day of the New Year glow
with good cheer and happiness for you and your family!
Diamond Bar Montessori Academy — 23555 Palomino Drive, Diamond Bar, Ca 91765
T: (909) 396-8747 — H: 6:30 A.M. - 6:30 P.M.

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