Preparing To Send Your Child To Preschool? 3 Steps That Will Make It Easier

As your child turns 3, the one thing that starts worrying you is preschool. Preschool is defined as the school a child goes to for about 2 years before starting in the Kindergarten grade. Before the first day of Preschool Diamond Bar, CA comes up, here are 3 steps you need to do before you send your child to a preschool.

  1. There are certain things a preschool will look for in your child before admitting him. First and foremost is that your child is potty trained? By the age of three or even earlier, most children learn to tell when they need to go for toilet. So, make sure your child knows to sit in the toilet or at least let an adult know when he or she wants to go. Another point that the preschool will ask about is how much knowledge of self-care he or she has; like can she put on her shoes and socks, can he zip his pants, etc. Following direction is another important thing for any preschool going child. So, before you start looking into Preschool Diamond Bar, CA, see if your child can complete tasks you give it to him, like placing the table mat or bringing the mail in. This will help him to adjust to preschool where he is expected to follow instruction like standing in a line, cleaning up after themselves, etc.

  2. The next step is, of course, checking out your local preschool. If this is your first child, then asking friends and family members with similar age children is always the best idea. Most preschools will be happy to let you check them out, especially the classroom and the facility. While checking out potential preschools, keep a checklist with you. The most important thing to check out is of course what kind of teaching method they follow; it can be Montessori or any other preschool teaching method. One thing you must be sure that they engage children in a fun learning environment and not a rigid grade-based system. The Montessori with multi-age students is always a good idea as the child can socialize more. The classroom should have toddler or children specific furniture and other safety features. The teacher-student ratio should be around 1 adult for every 10 students.

  3. After you have finalized your preschool, it is time to prepare your child for it. The school will start most probably in the first week of September, and you should start talking to your child by July and August about that. To prepare the fact that they won’t be with you for a better part of the day, you may start leaving him for few hours each day with a trusted family member as you do your work. If you are a working mom, this step might be easier for both you and your child. If he is an only child, arrange for playdates with children of his age so that he learns to share and interact with other children. Driving by or walking by the preschool, he is going to go will help him get familiarized with the route.