Readiness skills preschoolers need to develop

Have you ever wondered what do teachers really want your child to know on the first day of school? The education system is changing so do the expectations of the preschools. Children need to have certain readiness skills before they start going to Preschool Pomona, CA. So, parents need to take responsibility for preparing their children for their first school experience. Here you can find 10 kindergarten readiness skills to focus on as you work with your child. Don't be concerned if you do not have them all down before the first day of kindergarten, as she will continue to work on them throughout the year.

Preschool readiness checklist

Social skills:
  • Let your child play independently for some time (for example, plays alone in the sandbox or role plays or draw/color something independently).
  • Let her enjoy doing things on her own sometimes, such as reading, crafts or getting dressed
  • Arrange for playdates at relative’s or friend’s house where she can stay for some time without you and participate in some group activities.
  • Try to set a routine at home and encourage her to follow the same.
  • Help her to share basic expressions.
Motor skills:
  • Do some activities at home (like jumping, running, kicking, standing on one-foot, etc)to develop her motor skills, strength, and balance.
  • Let her navigate through some obstacles to develop her gross motor coordination skills.
  • Rides a tricycle and kick a stationary ball.
  • Develop hand-eye coordination when playing with building blocks and simple puzzles.
  • In Child Care Pomona, CA teachers will do activities to improve children’s fine motor skills, but it will be always good if they have some control in holding a pencil.
  • Start showing left/right- handedness
Reasoning and concept development:
  • Identifying different things and matching identical objects by their shape and color.
  • Shows interest in playing with objects by taking things apart and putting them back again (like playing with blocks where they make different models and again break it).
  • Enjoys playing with natural resources like sand and water.
Language skills:
  • Uses simple language to converse with others may be to describe something, make requests, or to greet someone.
  • Speaks clearly to be understood by others.
  • Uses accepted language and communication styles (using polite manners, using appropriate volume and tone).
  • Understand words for common categories (like toys, food, clothes, etc).
  • Uses small sentences to express her feelings.
Reading, writing, and numeracy skills:
  • Once children start going to Preschool Pomona, CA, they will learn different reading techniques to develop their reading skills. But at home, they should at least learn to hold a book properly and turns pages.
  • Recognizes the letters of their names.
  • Identifies some letter names and enjoys a bedtime story session.
  • Holds a pencil with a fist or finger grasp.
  • Draws with a variety of tools (crayons, pens, pencils).
  • Scribbles with a pencil on paper
  • Makes some marks and refer to them as “my name”.
  • Identifies some shapes such as circle, square, triangle, etc.
  • Shows interest in counting numbers and recite some number names.
Most of the parents do different activities to develop these readiness skills at home. Please try to do this in a fun way so that they enjoy learning it.