Skill-Building Activities For Preschoolers

Beautiful summer mornings/evenings are always a motivation enough to go outside and play with your toddlers. You would surprise to know that these unstructured playtimes are very important for kids as they help them to build certain physical abilities. For example, in preschool Chino CA, teachers play catch, jumping rope, and pumping on a swing to help those little ones develop their hand-eye coordination and motor skills. If you are wondering about what are the skill-building games you can play with your pre-schooler, please refer to the following list.

Riding a bicycle or tricycle.
Riding a bike, with or without training wheels, is a great way to help your little ones develop their gross motor skills and hand-eye coordination. Moreover, it is a fun family activity where you get the opportunity to spend some quality time with your kids. Initially, cycling will be challenging but you need to make sure your kids are using an age-appropriate bike and wearing proper safety gear.

Play catch.
Kids love playing with a ball and this activity offers all sorts of opportunities for them to utilize different skill sets, whether they throw, catch, or kick the ball. Montessori Chino CA, teachers have observed that most of the time kids don’t master catching and throwing until they are about 5 years old as hand-eye coordination is important here and it takes some time to develop that skill. But it is always fun to practice catching and throwing balls.

Go for a walk.
You can take your child out for a walk on a beautiful summer evening. Whether you take a stroll around the neighborhood or the local park or through the sprinkler, walking and running develops leg muscles and get your little one moving. If possible, you can even take off their shoes and socks for a sensory experience. They can feel the soft grass, the coarse sand, or even the rough sidewalk.

Take a swing.
To most of the pre-schoolers, the swing is an obvious choice but learning to pump the swing can be a little difficult as the movement requires balance, strength, and good timing. Initially in Child Care Chino CA, caregiver shop on the swings themselves to demonstrate the technique to the children. These demonstrations help them to learn the skill and they feel confident to sit on the swing. To help them you can say something like ‘push your legs out and pull them in’. Before they get on the swing please remind them to be careful and slow.

Blow bubbles.
Blowing bubbles may look very simple but it involves a tricky skill for the pre-schoolers to develop. Their lips should be in the right position and they have to blow the correct way to form bubbles. Most of the time kids are not able to do this efficiently until they are about 3 years old.

Kids love outdoor activities so, most of the time they may not need your motivation to go out and play but they need parental supervision and assistance to master certain skills.