Smoothies Can Save Your Kids From Dehydration In Summer

Summer has approaches and the heat is soaring high. During this time it is very important to keep kids in proper health condition. One of the most common health problems of children in summer is dehydration and dehydration-related problems like diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, fever, etc. because kids have a natural apathy in drinking water. A great volume of water drains out from the body through sweating. Unless you refill them, it may make your children dehydrated. Besides, most of the children are picky eaters. Extreme summer heat may cause appetite suppression. Daycare experts say that in this case, smoothies are just the right solution. These smoothies are easy to make and can be frozen and it becomes a great convenience for the working mother.

Montessori caregivers say that it is always better to offer homemade smoothies since the parents can control the ingredients, they are bound to be healthy. Most of the children love cold, icy treats and for this reason, they accept smoothies as breakfast or snacks without any force. Hungry kids do not learn well. So In a primary school in Pomona, CA, teachers prefer smoothies as an ideal breakfast for children as it helps to keep their appetite full for a long time and they can concentrate on their studies and other activities very well.

A dietician of a reputed daycare in Pomona, CA advises that whole fruits and vegetables need to be presented to those younger kids who are learning to eat and develop food preferences. They also advise parents not to add additional sugar in the smoothies because it may cause a quicker rise in insulin as drinking smoothies is faster than eating. Some parents, being over-energetic to see that their children are cherishing it, starts to mix a great variety of fruits – whatever they find in their fruit basket – banana, strawberry, apple, kiwi, melon, and whatnot. But, no matter how much fun a smoothie looks, if it tastes lousy, kids are not going to accept it.

Here are three easy smoothie recipes, given by a nutritionist of a Montessori.

  1. The most common perhaps is the banana smoothie being banana is a wholesome fruit for children. It keeps the stomach full and supplies adequate minerals and vegetables to kids. Add one banana, 1 glass of chilled water, 2 tablespoons of powdered milk, and 2 drops of vanilla essence in a blender. Blend it well. It is an ideal morning drink for children to keep them hydrated all day long.
  2. Some children prefer classic strawberry smoothies. To make it take 1 cup chopped fresh or frozen strawberries. Add them to a blender and blend well. Strawberry has a sour taste and so, if your children do not like it, add a little amount of palm candy in the time of blending to reduce the sourness of the drink. Add milk. Again blend. Instead of cow milk, you can also use almond milk, soy milk, or coconut milk.
  3. Summer special mint yogurt smoothies are easy to make. You will need a few mint leaves, a few basil leaves, and a cup of yogurt, 2-3 cashew nuts, and salt. Add all ingredients to a blender and blend well. It is ready.