Some Amazing Indoor Activities For Kids

In today’s world, it may not be always possible to go out and play outdoor games or participate in various physical activities. Now everyone has a busy lifestyle as well as there is a lack of proper play areas for kids. So, they may find it difficult to play freely to relax and have some fun. As parents, you can encourage your kids to do different indoor activities or play some games.

If you are looking for some activities that can be done being at home, you have reached the right place. Here Preschool Diamond Bar, CA teachers have shared some amazing indoor games and activities ideas for kids.

Balancing Beam : This is quite easy to play and is great for younger kids and toddlers as it helps them to improve their motor skills and balance.
What you need :
  • Colored tape
  • Flat floor space
How to play :
  • Stick colorful tapes on the floor.
  • Set different rules to walk on different colored tapes. For instance, you can ask kids to walk on one leg on the green tape.
  • The catch of the game is they only have to walk on the tape following the rule for the tape.
  • While walking if anyone falls or loses balance, he will be out of the game.
  • The child who can walk through the entire length of the tape without falling or losing balance wins the game.
Tips :

Pitching pennies : In Daycare Diamond Bar, CA playschools teachers play this game with the students to develop their hand-eye coordination.

What you need :
  • Pennies or currency coins
  • Large-sized disposable cups
How to play :
  • First, place one cup on a chair in front of the children.
  • Give kids 5 coins each.
  • Then, mark a position where kids have to stand and toss the coins, one at a time, into the cup.
  • The child who can toss more coins in the cup is the winner.
Tips :

You can use marbles or table tennis balls in place of coins.

Indoor bowling : In Day Care centers teachers create a simple bowling alley and play this indoor bowling game with their students. This game is also helpful to improve children’s hand-eye coordination.
What you need :
  • Flat floor space
  • Empty bottles or soda cans – 10 (minimum)
  • A ball – tennis ball would be good
  • Tape
  • Marker
  • Non-toxic spray paint
What you need :
  • Use the tape and make a bowling lane.
  • Spray paint the bottles and let them get dried.
  • Now, arrange the bottles at the end of the lane. Try to arrange the bottles like the bowling pins or you can also form a pyramid using the bottles.
  • Ask children to strike the bottles by rolling the ball on the bowling lane.
Tips :

Instead of using bottles and spray paint, you can use the readily available bowling set.

So, if you are not going out this weekend, pick any one of these games and have fun at home with all the family members.