Some Parenting Tips to Deal with Talkative Children

Many parents must have seen a massive leap in their children from being able to speak simple sentences when they are toddlers to having a full-fledged conversation with others when they grow little older. This phase can be both daunting and exciting for parents as you might face some of the toughest questions about life or you will feel so happy to see your children expressing their thoughts so well. But sometimes, children do not know where to draw the line concerning communication and they do not understand the concept of privacy. So, if you have an extremely talkative child, you are at the correct place as experts from Day Care San Dimas CA is sharing here some essential parenting tips to deal with talkative children.

There are some pros and cons of having talkative kids. They are very comfortable and confident in communicating their feelings. Their outspoken nature makes them opinionated and prepared for success in the future. Though they are a great company sometimes you will be fired with questions. Many parents complain that no conversation with talkative kids gets completed as it is usually a one-person show and they will hardly give you the chance to talk.

Tips to handle hyper talkative children :

  1. Don't label your children. Labeling your children talkative can come as a serious blow and affect their self-esteem. You should appreciate them for who they are and be grateful that they are so comfortable and confident in sharing their thoughts so well.
  2. Let them talk. Give your children enough time every day to express their feelings. You can look into their eyes and have a conversation with them. They need to know that it is ok to talk. According to Preschool San Dimas, CA teachers, during the conversation, you can also help them understand the importance of listening to others.
  3. Set boundaries. As parents, it is your responsibility to teach your children that they should not share everything instead they should keep certain things private. They should understand that certain places like the library, for example, are out of bounds. Setting some boundaries will help them to pick up social cues, expressions and body language of others. Set a signal in place that you can use if they pick up some wrong topic or you can tell them if they are not sure of what they can or cannot say, they are welcome to check with you.
  4. Playing a quiet game. If talking is important, listening is also very important. To inculcate the habit of listening in your children, playing a quiet game is a great idea. In this game, whoever breaks the silence first, loses. This will give them enough time to get used to the concept of staying quiet and listening to others.
  5. Silent activities. Caregivers from Day Care San Dimas CA suggests involving kids in some recreational activities like listening to music or reading a book or some activities where talking is not needed.
  6. Be positive and be patient. It can be exhausting dealing with hyper talkative children. So, it is advisable to be positive and patient in managing them. You should also give them some time to develop effective communication skills.