7 Symptoms That Your Child’s Stomach Ache Is Something Serious

Are you parents of toddlers? Do you have to pay frequent visits to the doctor for his recurring stomach aches? If your answer is yes, please relax and note that generally, stomach aches are common in children. Most of the time they are nothing serious at all and are causing just from a mild stomach bug or constipation or gas. But frequent and acute stomach pains can sometimes lead to more serious problems. To help you out in understanding the gravity of the situation, health care experts from Day Care Pomona, CA suggest you look whether your child has the below-mentioned symptoms or not.

The pain is acute : Is your child complaining about acute stomach pain quite often? Then please don’t ignore the issue. If he can not be distracted from the pain and is crying continuously or otherwise showing that he is extremely uncomfortable, think it is time to go to a doctor.

1. Blood in the stool

Most of the time, we see blood in the stool if the child is suffering from constipation which is not a serious issue. But a bad stomach with blood in the stool is something to be worried about. So if your child has a stomach ache and blood in the stool, don’t waste time and take him to the doctor promptly.

2. Child vomits blood

In many situations, children do vomit blood, which is nothing to worry about. But according to the observation of Montessori Pomona, CA teachers, if any child is having a stomach ache and blood in the stool and vomits blood, parents should take him to the doctor immediately.

3. Green vomit

Children sometimes do green vomit which is the sign of a blockage in the intestine. You need to be worried and take your child to the doctor if he vomits green and is having a severe stomach ache.

4. Change in facial expression

To be on the safer side, as parents you need to be aware of the signs and symptoms of anaphylaxis, a serious type of allergic reaction. This can cause acute stomach ache with frequent vomiting tendencies. Moreover, if your child has hives, looks pale, complains of dizziness, or has swelling on his face; don’t waste time and take him to the doctor immediately.

5. Position of the stomach ache

As stated by the health care experts of Day Care Pomona, CA, the position of the stomach ache also determines the seriousness quotient of the situation. If your child is having acute stomach pain in the right lower side of his belly, then it can be for the appendix. Constipation can cause pain there, and for teenage girls who get their periods can have pain there when they ovulate. But for a child having constant pain, there is not a good symptom.

6. The child is losing weight

It is not uncommon for a child to lose a bit of weight if he is suffering from diarrhea. But in case you see your child is getting frequent stomach pains and steadily losing weight, they should have thoroughly checked out by the pediatrician.