Thanksgiving Lesson Ideas For Pre-Schoolers

With thanksgiving about a month away, it is a great time to start thanksgiving related lessons and crafts for your Montessori Chino, CA children. Here are some of them:

Thanksgiving Word turkey
This project can be done for a period of a month. Cut papers into feathers and ask the children to color them. Then they write the words they have learned over a period for which they are thankful. Then they get to stick them on a turkey printout in the class board. Watch as each child glows happily as they stick the feathers stash on the turkey.

Painting with corn
Corn cobs and thanksgiving go hand in hand. So, a fun activity in your Child care Chino Hills, CA can be painting with corn cobs. All you will need are some corn cobs and paint. Let the children have their fun time by rolling the cobs in paint and stamp designs on papers. Cut the corn cobs into small pieces so that they can use one cob for one color.

Thanksgiving letter puzzle
This is a great way to teach your little ones about lower case and upper-case alphabets. Words written in feather cut papers can be hidden in a big bowl of corn. The children start with some letters already and then they can find the opposite case from the bowl.

Corn numbers
Use corn cobs to teach numbers to your students in Montessori Chino, CA. The children can each have a tray of dry corns on which they can draw the numbers being taught. Extend the lesson by creating squares and after the children draw the number in the corn, they can count the squares and put a pompom in each square they count.

Thanksgiving feast
This fun activity will need images of some common thanksgiving dishes and each child can create his own “placemats” by sticking a paper plate on a colored cardstock paper of their choice. Then they add images of their favorite dishes in their plate. To make the lesson more fun, ask the children to bring image of the dish that is special in their family and then they can tell the class why that dish is so special in their family. If you have children from different cultural groups in your Child care Chino Hills, CA, this can be a great chance about learning about different culture and customs.

Thanksgiving family chart
Talk about the pilgrims and then ask the children to draw the ship Mayflower. Then on them they can draw their family tree going up to 2 generation. Again, it can be a show and tell where the children talk about their family history while showing their “Mayflower” boat.

Where we are from
Thanksgiving celebrates the fact that we all came from somewhere to make this great country. So, combine your geography lesson and thanksgiving fun by letting the children pin the country their family came from. There can be two colored pins for each parent. When each child turn comes, they can come up to a large world map and pin the countries their parents’ family originally come from.