The Montessori-way of teaching your child good behavior

Even a precious stone requires effort to turn it into an industry-grade jewel. Similarly, your child is a rough and non-glittering stone with many rough edges. Their rough edges have to be leveled and smoothened, they have to be polished to turn them into the ideal citizens of tomorrow. And mind you, that task is not as simple as you may think. One thing that any teacher or staff at Montessori San Dimas, CA should master is to be very, very… patient. Endless patience is needed to imbibe finer senses into the children.

Parents come to us with common problems – the child does not greet anyone, does not want to mingle with kids of his/her own age group, does not want to share toys or space with friends or siblings, etc. These are all common traits of childhood and we understand that it can be frustrating and at times annoying for you as a parent. But trust us, by admitting your child to a reputed Montessori or child care Diamond Bar, CA you are taking a big step towards making them behavior role models for the future years.

Now, you may ask what is so different in the way Montessori teachers go about teaching your child good behavior. Well, there are many activities that your child would be exposed to during preschool hours. And these are well thought out activities to imbibe the traits of sharing, caring and teamwork among your child.

When we ask your child to complete a certain activity with other classmates, we are not really looking for excellent outcomes of the task. Rather, we want your child to mingle with other classmates, and work together with them. And while doing so, they form great friendships. They also learn a lesson: that team working and sharing make things simpler in life!

Next, any preschool day starts with each and every staff and teacher greeting the child Good Morning, Good Afternoon, etc. In the early days, there is no response from the child. But this repeated practice soon bears fruit, and the child starts answering back. And they not only answer back, but there are also times they are the first to greet us. This behavior is reflected in life outside the preschool as well.

A similar approach is taken to Thanking and saying Sorry. The teachers keep on insisting that the child says Sorry when he/she has made some mistake and to thank someone for help. It takes time, but the child can be soon seen saying these words of kindness to others.

During the class hours at any Montessori San Dimas, CA your child has to abide by a certain set of rules. They might have a favorite toy to play with during the play hours, but they have to wait for their turn to get it. This teaches the kid art of sharing things. Then there is a rule whereby you have to keep your things at a certain locker. This again teaches the child the meaning of someone’s personal space.

Good behavior is one of the most important character traits your child picks up from Montessori or child care Diamond Bar, CA.