Tips to cope up with children during quarantine time

As the Coronavirus pandemic continuous to take hold of the world, more and more families find themselves in quarantine and isolation. This situation, for children, can be scary as well as boring. At this time, you need to be more careful in keeping them informed about the current situation as well as engaged at home in different creative activities. As you are working from home and kids are also not going to Montessori Chino, CA, teachers are sharing some parenting tips to help you cope up with your children during this quarantine time.

Keep calm and carry on:
At this uncertain time, children and young people need as much stability as possible. As an adult, you need to keep calm and show children how to respond during this current situation. Children need the reassurance that we are safe and secure, and your actions and words are the most powerful ways to provide them with this comfort feeling.

Try to follow a timetable:
Following a proper timetable is always helpful in managing kids. You are also working from home, try to structure a week for your children that replicate a school week. Set them a timetable with a start and end time definitely with some breaks in between. Mapping out different learning engagements will also be helpful for them. While you are working, try to be in the same room with your kids as this will help you to keep an eye on them.

Staying active:
As now, kids are not attending the physical activity classes of Child Care Chino, CA, you please try to spend at least an hour doing physical activity with your kids. Encourage them to help you in doing household chores or some freehand exercises or skipping or walking. To motivate them you can tell your kids to plan at least one physical activity every day for the whole family.

Screen time:
If kids are following their timetable and behaving well, they can earn their screen time. This is better than kids spending hours uselessly watching some videos on mobile or laptop. For example, if they are helping you in cleaning the house, they can earn 20 minutes of screen time.

Talk to your kids:
In Montessori Chino, CA, teachers plan different activities like circle time or bubble time to talk to their students as they believe talking to children is important to understand their feelings and their thought process. So, it is a good opportunity to have a conversation with your kids on the present situation; ask them what they are thinking about the whole situation or what they can do to help the community. Always encourage them to think positively and share their ideas and thoughts clearly.

Create bonding exercises:
This is a great time to strengthen your relationship with your kids and to do so you can do some fun stuff that everyone can enjoy together. You can read books with them, play some board games together, or indulge yourself in some art and craft activities.
The above-mentioned tips are just a guideline to help you cope with your work as well as children at home. You know them better and understand them well; so, you can refer to this guideline to set your action plan.