Tips to make your kids emotionally strong

Kids have pure hearts and get emotionally hurt. But as a parent, you have to make them strong. Day Care Chino CA, experts have revealed some points about children you need to follow.

Let's read out,

Be specific with requests

A 2-year kid doesn't know everything that “clean up” entails. You need to be specific with his/her requests as possible. For example, Cleaning up the toys you were playing with might not work.


In the daycare, so many kids are present, so, it is not possible to cater to every outburst or demand. Maybe at home, your kid refuses to sleep without two more stories, one last cuddle, a glass of water, and four trips to the bathroom, but this is not possible in daycare to do the same. Instead, it is trying not to acknowledge negative behaviors like whining. Give your little one a valuable real-world lesson: speaking to people this way would not get the result you are looking for. Resist the urge to cater to their tantrums. When your child learns their tantrums aren't working, you might be shocked to discover how brief they become. Once your child calms down, you can explain that speaking to people that way is not acceptable and talk about why they were so upset.

Help your kid become more self-aware

You cannot ignore all the tantrums; it can be dangerous—to the kid and others. In that case, you need to facilitate their calming down the best way to do this is to bring attention to their physical body. That will helps them to develop self-awareness, and it also causes a child to pause. Your body is moving wild and fast. Give a hug and touch their cheek or do some deep-breathing exercises.

Name big emotions

These act as calming and directional tools, but they also help kids define their big emotions as an important first step toward self-regulation. On the front of the bottles are poems, like:

Green, green, green, I was feeling so mean. Green, I was feeling so mean. Grrr…

Red, red, red, I got a bump on my head. Red, I got a bump on my head. Ouch!

When children act out, teachers can direct them toward the bottles. Children can shake them if they are still really angry, tip them back and forth to calm down, and read the poems with their teacher to help process how they were feeling at that moment. At home, you can make your bottles (even the least crafty parent can throw some water, food colouring and glitter in a water bottle and glue it shut).


We hope this post is worth it for you and help you to make your kids emotionally strong. You can choose our Child Care Chino, CA centre for your kids to their holistic growth.